The Elveden Mini Farm

When we visited Center Parcs we decided that one of the activities we wanted to do with Ethan was the Elveden Mini Farm. It was only a thirty minute activity but we knew that would be long enough for our little man.

We arrived on time for the activity and we were able to walk around a look at the animals whilst we waited for the whole group to arrive. Ethan immediately rushed around to all of the different pens vocalizing all of the animals names. This amazed me as I think the only animals we had really seen up close were goats and chickens.

With everyone present and correct we were taken to each animal pen and introduced to all of the animals. We were told the animal’s name and information about what they eat etc. We were then given the opportunity to feed the animals. Ethan joined in with feeding all of the animals with support from me.

The last activity was to hold a Guinea Pig, something that I would have loved for Ethan to do but because everyone sat in a group Ethan wouldn’t go to the area. To keep Ethan happy we watched from a distance, I was hoping that I could explain why our son wouldn’t move from his spot and perhaps they would bring a Guinea Pig over to him. This wasn’t possible as one of the other parents kept the farm hands chatting about the Guinea Pigs and I couldn’t get her attention. Ethan also started to get irritated about waiting so we called it a day.

The Elveden Mini Farm activity cost us £21.75 for two adults and one child. It was a nice way to break up the day and I think Ethan enjoyed it. The price is probably a little excessive for 30 minutes but the animals are brought into Center Parcs for this activity so they must have to factor in these costs.

The Elveden Mini Farm The Elveden Mini Farm The Elveden Mini Farm The Elveden Mini FarmThe Elveden Mini FarmThe Elveden Mini Farm

4 thoughts on “The Elveden Mini Farm”

  1. It looks like a lovely introduction to being up close with animals for Ethan but how much? I think that is really expensive, suddenly our farm holidays look good value with over an hour of farm fun, actually being in with the animals and a tractor ride every day. sounds like it was all part of a lovely break for you which is the most important thing. I hope Ethan remembers his animal encounter fondly. thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

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