Word Of The Week – Weather

This week has been an interesting week due to the ‘beast from the east’ and so my word of the week has to be


as it feels like we have been watching and waiting for the weather all week.

It was predicted that we would get very bad snowfall from Monday afternoon. Train services were cancelled and then forced to apologise when the snow wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be. With a small amount of snow on the ground on Tuesday everything really took a turn for the worst from 10am. At 11am Ethan’s school decided it was closing from 1pm and I was doing an early nursery run to pick up Little E.

The big snow arrived on Wednesday morning and we had our first official snow day. The children were very excited and we were out walking in the snow by 9am in the morning. We did start to build a snowman but I failed miserably. I also started to get a headache because of the cold.

As I write this we are on our second snow day and we have spent the day in the house. Ethan is going stir crazy and I have no idea if there will be school or nursery tomorrow.

I was meant to be heading into London on Friday but as we have been watching the weather we have been keeping an eye on Storm Emma. Being that most of the train services have been cancelled this week I’m putting my London trip on hold until next week. I really don’t fancy being stranded somewhere in a snow storm.

It really has been a week of watching, talking and worrying about the weather. Tuesday was the first time I ever had to drive in snow that had settled so it also tested me this week. Darren has been out driving in it most days so I have spent many hours worrying about him in this weather. I really hope this cold spell passes soon.

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