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Word Of The Week – Relaxed

This week our house has felt relaxed. I don’t know what has triggered it, and it’s not as if we have been meltdown free but it is a welcome feeling.


The week started with us celebrating Darren’s birthday, but unfortunately Darren didn’t have the day off and I had to deal with a massive meltdown from Ethan on my own. I didn’t do something right at breakfast and he let me know. With things calm and Ethan at nursery I had a great day bonding with Little E.

On Wednesday we were able to go out for lunch to celebrate Darren’s big day. Ethan was at nursery so it was just the three of us which made it nice, calm and relaxed.

Yesterday saw us visit the zoo for a few hours in the morning and Ethan really enjoyed it. We are looking forward to our next visit as he was really keen to explore.

With Darren only being at work for one day this week it really had been a week for just pottering about. We are really enjoying his new shift pattern even if it means we don’t know what day it is. It really has made a nice relaxing week and just what we all needed.

18 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Relaxed”

  1. So glad that you have had a nice relaxing week even with having to deal with a meltdown single-handed. The trip to the zoo sounds wonderful – so glad that Ethan enjoyed it and how lovely for you to also have time with just Darren and Little E too. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      The new job and shift pattern really have changed our lives. It was just what we needed. There are downsides of the shift but we can live with them x

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