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    Our Siblings During January 2021

    January 2021 brings with it another lock-down for our siblings. This means we are staying at home again to stay safe. Meaning the schools were closing again and we have to learn from home. Ethan is really struggling with the school’s closing. At the end of the school term in December Ethan’s teacher told the children to have a good Christmas and she would see them on the 5th. This is all Ethan is repeating. His teacher said they would go back on the 5th. There must be something wrong. He even spoke at Boris Johnson when he was on the TV. Asking him if he could go back to…

  • ethan dentist appointments

    Small Steps Forward at Dentist Appointments

    Ethan is very sensory with his mouth. He always has been and this causes many issues. Brushing teeth is a big issue, something that Ethan still needs support with. We have good days and bad days. Small steps forward and then massive steps back. Wobbly teeth and tooth fairy visits also knock Ethan’s confidence and progress. As you can imagine this then has major consequences on his dentist appointments. Over the years we have had to work on Ethan visiting the dentist. Including visits to the special needs dentist. Sensory dentist appointments where Ethan would just get the chance to play with the dentist chair. Fifteen minutes getting the chance…

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    Out and About

    Our First Walk of 2021 at Frinton-on-Sea

    During 2020 we all had to learn to appreciate going for walks. It looks like 2021 will be full of local walks too! Our first walk of 2021 took place at Frinton-on-Sea. It’s our New Years Day tradition to visit Frinton-on-Sea to walk along the seafront. This year we left the house early for our walk as last year it was very busy during our afternoon walk. This year we took the children’s scooters with us. The first time Ethan used a scooter was during one of our New Year Day walks. The scooters have been a great form of exercise during the lockdowns. They are always happy to use…

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    Days Out

    A Christmas Visit To Colchester Zoo

    Over the years Colchester Zoo has played a big part in our Christmas activities. Our first Christmas activity with Ethan was breakfast with Santa at Colchester zoo. We have had numerous trips to visit the Father Christmas Grotto there. More recently we went to their Twilight Christmas Experience. Also, another breakfast event in 2019 so that Little E would get the chance to experience it. In December I was able to book pass holder tickets so that we could have a Christmas visit to Colchester Zoo. Because of the pandemic, Colchester Zoo didn’t host its normal Christmas events. There was still some Christmas magic to discover there. Our Christmas Visit…

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    Project 365

    Project 365 2021 Week 3 Day’s 16-22

    A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2021 Week 3. It’s our third week of juggling work and homeschooling. To be honest, homeschooling had to take a backseat. I was consumed by my work this week and tight deadlines. It means that this weekend we will have to play catch up with the school work. Project 365 – 2021 Week 3 Day 16 It started to snow this morning. It did settle on the paths but not enough to really enjoy it. The children didn’t want to venture out in it. This did surprise me. They opted for a Netflix movie…

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