A Fun-Filled Family Visit To Rollerbowl Romford REVIEW

A Fun-Filled Family Visit To Rollerbowl Romford REVIEW

Having grown up in close proximity to Romford I know Rollerbowl well. Rollerbowl Romford invited us to visit for a game of bowling and lunch in their East Coast Diner. I couldn’t wait to visit as I must have been seventeen the last time I walked through those doors. The last time we visited a bowling alley to play a family game was during a visit to Center Parcs. Before that, it was for Ethan’s 5th birthday and Little E was too young to take part in that game.

A Fun-Filled Family Visit To Rollerbowl Romford REVIEW

About Rollerbowl Romford

Rollerbowl is situated in The City Pavilion, Collier Row Road, Collier Row, Romford. It is open for 7 days a week from 10 in the morning until late at night.

rollerbowl sign rollerbowl romford

There are 34 lanes available, 12 of those are incorporated in the bar area. These 12 lanes can be hired for public and private events. A game of bowling costs from £7.00 an adult and £6.00 a child. There are also offers available including discounts. This all depends on the time of day you play or if you want a food or drinks package.

bowling alley lanes

There is also an amusement area where you will find Pool and Air Hockey tables.

amusement area

If you are feeling peckish you can grab a bite to eat in the East Coast Diner. There are lots of food options available from light bites to a full meal.

americian diner waitress model

Our Visit To Rollerbowl Romford

We decided that we would visit on a Sunday morning. This is when we tend to visit places as they are normally quieter. Quieter is better for Ethan and his needs. We booked our lane for 11 am which would perfectly time our meal in the East Coast Diner for lunch.

The Bowling

The first thing you have to do when you go bowling is to put on your bowling shoes. This was a quick and simple process and they had the correct sizes for all of us.

bowling shoes

We set up our game so that Darren went first, followed by Ethan, me and Little E. When inputting your names you can also choose to have the bumpers on or off. This is perfect for children and they automatically rise or fall in the lane when they are required. The children also used a ramp to help them roll the bowling ball down the lane.

ethan bowling

We played one game of bowling which was the perfect length for the children. We each took it in turns to bowl twice seeing how many pins we could knockdown.

ethan little e bowling

The children absolutely thrashed us during the game. They even got a few half strikes between them. We had so much fun bowling, I can honestly say it’s the best game I have ever played. I can’t wait to go bowling as a family again.

final bowling scores

East Coast Diner

I was looking forward to eating at the East Coast Diner. We are fans of all things related to America but surprisingly I didn’t fancy eating a burger whilst we were there. Darren liked the idea of sharing the Special Combo which came with Hot & Spicy chicken wings, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, chicken bites, and fries. We also ordered garlic bread with the children in mind but we ended up eating most of those too!

special combo garlic bread east coast diner rollerbowl romford

Children’s Meals

Wherever we go Ethan will always have a burger and chips. It’s all he will eat when we are out. At the East Coast Diner, they don’t actually serve beef burgers. They have the option of southern fried chicken, a lamb and mint burger or a spicy bean burger. I thought that Ethan might not notice the difference if he had the lamb and mint burger, and thankfully he didn’t. I also asked for it to be served plain as that is how Ethan likes it. This was no problem and his meal came out exactly as I requested.

ethan darren east coast diner lunch rollerbowl romford

Little E also had her go-to favourite, chicken and chips. I was really impressed that the chicken was chicken breast pieces. I really wasn’t expecting that. There was also a salad garnish with Little E’s meals which she really enjoyed. She has turned into a bit of a salad girl since starting school.

childrens chicken chips east coast diner rollerbowl romford

Milkshakes and Sweet Treats

You can’t visit an American themed diner without trying a milkshake or something sweet. Darren loves his milkshakes so he tired ones of those with the help of Little E. He actually stated that it was one of the best milkshakes he has ever had. Believe me, Darren has had quite a few so that was quite a statement for him to say!

strawberry milkshake east coast diner rollerbowl romford

I love American pancakes which they do serve at the East Coast Diner as part of their breakfast menu. I decided to opt for the Belgian waffle. This really was a lovely treat which I shared with Ethan. He loves his sweet treats too. If I lived closer to the Rollerbowl I would visit just to have one of these waffles.

belgian waffle east coast diner rollerbowl romford

The Amusement Area

After our lunch, we let the children loose in the amusement area. They played on the 10 pence machines and they also tried to win a toy in the grab machines.

ethan little e 10 pence machines amusement area rollerbowl romford

They also found a water game that they were able to play together. Little E won lots of tickets on this one. More then, Ethan, she is clearly the more competitive one out of all of us.

ethan little e ice man game amusement area rollerbowl romford

You are able to excahnge the tickets for prizes just like any other amusement arcade.

Did We Enjoy Our Visit To Rollerbowl Romford?

I can honestly say we had so much fun at Rollerbowl. We were there for about three hours and I know the children could have stayed for longer. It was so much fun bowling as a family and seeing Little E’s competitive side. We really enjoyed the food in the East Coast Diner and every member of staff was happy, pleasant and eager to answer any questions we had.

We also had a visit from some very special guests. I think Rollerbowl might have known about our Disney obsession!

little e mickey mouse minnie mouse east coast diner rollerbowl romford

You can watch the vlog of our visit to Rollerbowl Romford below…

Thank you Rollerbowl Romford for inviting us to visit and reminding us the fun you can have at bowling.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted a game of bowling and a meal at the East Coast Diner for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences.

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