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A Great Dinosaur Day At Roarr Dinosaur Adventure

Having heard great things about Roarr Dinosaur Adventure in Norfolk I knew it was a place we would love to visit. We had an invitation to visit last weekend to write a review for our blog readers. I was very excited by this prospect and couldn’t wait to take the children on a dinosaur adventure.

A Great Dinosaur Day At Roarr Dinosaur Adventure

What is Roarr Dinosaur Adventure?

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure is set in 85 acres of land. The entry price includes all 20 dinosaur-themed attractions. This means the price you pay on the door gives you access to all of the dinosaur fun. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions in place during our visit, not all of the attractions were able to open.

Dinosaur Trails and Walks

If you love spotting Dinosaurs the trails and walks are the perfect places to do this. Our children loved walking through these and discovering all the information out about the different dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Trail

dinosaur trail sign roarr dinosaur adventure

The Dinosaur Trail is the longest dinosaur walk in the park. It gently slopes downwards towards Nautilus Fish and Chips, the Secret Animal Garden, and the Predator High Ropes. There are many different dinosaurs to spot and they all have information boards full of facts about them.

pterodactyl roarr dinosaur adventure

The children loved spotting the different dinosaurs and stopping to have their photos taken with them.

ethan kritosaurus roarr dinosaur adventure
ethan little e emu like dinosaur roarr dinosaur adventure

Neanderthal Walk

neanderthal walk sign roarr dinosaur adventure

The Neanderthal Walk is a shorter walk that takes you back up to the top area of the park. We were expecting this walk to be uphill and were pleasantly surprised that is wasn’t. It is a shorter direct walk back to the main area.

On this walk you will be able to spot Woolly Mammoths.

darren ethan little e woolly mammoth neanderthal walk roarr dinosaur adventure

But keep an eye out for those naughty Sabre Toothed Cats.

bears sabre toothed cat neanderthal walk roarr dinosaur adventure

Not forgetting to wave hello at the Neanderthal’s busy in their home.

neanderthals woolly mammoth neanderthal walk roarr dinosaur adventure

Lost World A-Mazing Adventure

The Lost World A-Mazing Adventure was the last area we explored in the park as it is very close to the exit. This maze is filled with dinosaurs hiding in the woods.

lost world rope bridge roarr dinosaur adventure

Are you brave enough to cross the rope bridge and find the exit from the maze?

little e crossing lost world rope bridge roarr dinosaur adventure

Little E loved this adventure, we are terrible and always get lost but she got us out safe and sound.

More Dinosaur-Themed Attractions

I was very impressed that all of these attractions were included in the entrance fee. We very rarely carry change, even less now, and normally the children have to miss out on riding any cars. At Roarr Dinosaur Adventure they could try all the attractions available.

Dippy’s Raceway

little e driving dippys raceway roarr dinosaur adventure

Perfect for all ages, children under 100cm must be accompanied by an adult, children can have fun driving around Dippy’s Raceway. Our children had to race at different times due to there only being four cars to ride at any one time. They both really enjoyed their races and would stay on these cars all day if we let them!

ethan driving dippys raceway roarr dinosaur adventure


x-tinction fossil dig roarr dinosaur adventure

X-tinction is the perfect place to look for dinosaur fossils. The fossils are hidden in the sandpits. Little E loved this activity and got very excited when she discovered different fossils.

little e digging fossils x-tinction roarr dinosaur adventure

Raptor Racers

ethan raptor racers roarr dinosaur adventure

This is another attraction perfect for the racers in the family. This time it’s pedal-powered. I wasn’t sure if this was an activity that Ethan could manage on his own. Thankfully there are double pedal karts available, perfect for situations just like ours. As always Ethan likes to prove us wrong and was able to pedal a kart on his own.

little e raptor racers roarr dinosaur adventure

Predator! High Ropes

predator high ropes sign

Ethan was very eager to go on the Predator! High Ropes. I think he liked the look of the zip wire. I thought I would be brave and nominated myself to go with him. We both got ready but as soon as we got to the top to start our route Ethan froze. I ended up having to tackle the Predator! High Ropes on my own. It was very scary but I completed it and I am very proud of myself.

jane climbing predator high ropes

There are three other dinosaur-themed attractions to experience at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure. Dippy Live, Dippy’s Splash Zone, and Jurassic Putt Crazy Golf which are also all included in the entrance price. We didn’t get the chance to experience them as we run out of time during our visit. The children were able to get a photo with Dippy after one of his shows.

ethan little e dippy

The Secret Animal Garden

secret animal garden sign

The Secret Animal Garden is a lovely place for children to have an introduction to different animals. There are farm animals and animals that could also be pets like rabbits and guinea pigs.

little e rabbits

We were truly amazed at the size of the tortoise we discovered there.


The children also loved saying hello to the wallaby’s.


Playgrounds And Climbing Frames At Roarr Dinosaur Adventure

The top area of the park is full of playgrounds that are perfect for burning off any excess energy. Ethan loved these areas and had lots of fun climbing.

ethan climbing wooden climbing frame roarr dinosaur adventure

Little E discovered the under-sevens play area she spent a lot of time on the trampoline there.

blue dinosaur under sevens play area roarr dinosaur adventure

Our Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Experience

We really did love our day at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure. If we lived close enough we would invest in annual passes as we think you could easily visit many times. You could have a different experience with each visit.

Our video below shows the fun-packed day we had at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure.

Visiting Roarr Dinosaur Adventure After the Covid-19 Closures

Our visit to Roarr Dinosaur Adventure was after the Covid-19 Closures. They have all the Covid-19 safety measures in place. This includes one-way systems, hand sanitiser stations, and limited numbers. You must also book slots for the Predator! High Ropes and Dippy’s Splash Zone. This can be done easily on arrival at each location.

There were also some activities closed, for example, the soft play areas but these could possibly open as government guidelines change.

DISCLOSURE – We received entrance to Roarr Dinosaur Adventure as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of our days out.

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