A Minion Feast – Green Giant Minions Challenge

Ethan loves the Minions and we are very excited about the prospect of being able to introduce a new Minion film to him.

To celebrate the launch of the new film Green Giant challenged us to create the ultimate Minion-inspired summer snack.


Finger Food Minion


Little E is weaning and is really embracing finger food so I wanted to let her join in with the Minion fun. Green Giant Sweetcorn have a Salt Free option which is perfect for our little lady.


To create Little E’s Finger Food Minion I used the following


1 x Wrap
1 x Slice of Ham
1 x Dairylea Triangle
1 x Babybel
and Salt Free Green Giant Sweetcorn


I made the base of the Minion by placing the sweetcorn on a plate, you can eat them straight from the tin so there is no need to wait for them to cool after heating.

I made the Minions eyes by spreading the Dairylea onto the wrap and then placing on the ham before rolling it up. I then cut the wrap up into sections.

Minion_23 Minion_24

I placed the eyes into my Minion base.


I cut the Babybel in half and used it for the Minions mouth.


I created the Minions glasses by placing the raisins in position on the Minions face.


Our Finger Food Minion was ready for Little E to explore.


Pesto Pitta Minion


Pesto Pittas are a perfect lunch time treat, nice and quick to make and very tasty.

To create the Pesto Pitta Minions I used the following


Wholemeal Pittas
Green Pesto
Grated Cheddar
and Green Giant Sweetcorn


I made the Pesto Pitta Minions by covering the pitta with the pesto.


And then sprinkled with cheese.


I used ham to create the base of the Minions glasses.


Cutting a Babybel in half I placed it on the pitta for the Minions eyes or eye in the case of this Minion.


I edged the Babybel with ham to create the rim of the glasses.


I then placed the sweetcorn on top of the cheese to create the shape of the Minions face.


I used more of the ham to cut out the Minions pupil and mouth.


The pittas are then placed in the oven, cooking at 200 degrees, until the cheese has melted.


Ethan loved his Pesto Pitta Minion, I think his smile says it all.


This post was written as part of the Tots100/Green Giant Minion challenge. We were gifted tins of Green Giant sweetcorn to take part.

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