ethan little e head cuddle 11 months old

Our Siblings During June 2015

Another month anther sofa shot for our June 2015 siblings post. This month I have two little monkeys that didn’t want their photo taken. I had planned a day out to pick strawberries this weekend. Hopefully, a place to capture our siblings together but unfortunately the weather didn’t comply. So the sofa it was and Miles From Tomorrow was so much more interesting than looking at mummy.

ethan little e 11 months old

So daddy made lots of noise to get their attention.

ethan little e looking up

Then after the madness of trying to capture our sibling’s photos, Ethan decided his sister needed some love. There it is the sibling’s relationship captured in just one moment.

ethan little e head cuddle 11 months old June 2015

In June 2015 Ethan had his first half-term holiday. This meant there were some nice days just relaxing at home. Little E also learned how to pull herself up into standing, something that Ethan found very funny. We did wonder how he would react to her becoming more mobile and he has taken it in his stride. I can’t wait to see how their relationship will change when she can walk. Even if it does mean she will be keeping me on my toes even more than she does now.

This month we took them to see In The Night Garden Live at the 02. Both children behaved fantastically and we had an enjoyable day.

darren ethan little e watching in the night garden live June 2015

Next month Little E will be one when I write this sibling’s post, where has that year gone! Her birthday is going to be a big challenge for Ethan. So far all birthdays and presents have been about him. I really wish I could ask him how he feels about being a big brother and the changes it has brought for him. I really hope he enjoys it as much as we do, it is lovely to see them together.


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