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An Alpaca Walk at Away Resorts Sandy Balls

During a stay at Away Resorts, you can book different activities to take part in. I knew that the Sandy Balls holiday resort also has resident alpacas. Taking the alpaca’s for a walk is one of the activities available to book. I thought that this would be something that Little E would really enjoy. So during our stay, I booked an alpaca walk as well as a pottery painting session. Because of the covid restrictions in place, we also had to book our swimming slots and table reservations in the restaurants.

An Alpaca Walk at Away Resorts Sandy Balls

Our Alpaca Walk

I booked our alpaca walk for our first full day staying at Sandy Balls. Booking it before lunch so that we could pick up some items from the shop in the village square afterwards.

alpacas village square pen away resorts sandy balls

At our booked time we met at the alpaca pen in the village square. There were four alpaca’s there and a very knowledgeable staff member. Our walk started with him telling us all about the alpacas. Their names, facts about their colours and their coats. Each family was then assigned an alpaca. One family had booked to walk two meaning there were only three family groups on this walk. At the moment they are limiting it to four groups with four people per group.

little e looking camera diego

Our alpaca was called Diego Little E was so pleased that he would be our alpaca. He had a pink harness and a pink neckerchief with his name on it. If Little E could pick her alpaca he would have been the one she chose.

darren little e alpaca selfie away resorts sandy balls

As a group, we took the alpacas for a walk to Good Friday Hill. This is one of the famous Sandy Balls. It has a wicker heart on it making it the perfect place for a photo opportunity.

alpaca family photo good friday hill away resorts sandy balls

Little E was the one who walked our alpaca with some support from Darren. Ethan did show an interest in him too and at times he helped walk the alpaca with his sister.

ethan little e walking alpaca away resorts sandy balls

The below video is of our alpaca walk.

We loved our alpaca walk and we highly recommend if you get the chance to stay at Sandy Balls. It was £20 per alpaca for a family of four and the walk lasted for approximately thirty minutes. The alpacas are also rotated quite frequently as we didn’t see the same group of alpacas in the Village Square during our stay.

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