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Word Of The Week – Events

This week has been full of school events. Thankfully my friend sent me a message on Sunday night listing what we needed for the different days. It has been a mix of school uniform, non-uniform and PE kits.


Monday was Little E’s sports day. This meant wearing her PE kit to school. It was also needed for Wednesday which is her normal PE day and for today as they are doing a sponsored run. Just like many other schools, parents could not attend sports day. I must admit as much as I would love to watch Little E take part. There was mum guilt in the morning when she said she wished I could watch. I was happy not to have to be outside for any length of time battling my hayfever.

There were no events on Tuesday meaning it was a normal school uniform day. Apart from Ethan’s normal after-school club that was a pretty easy day for us to remember.

On Thursday Little E had a school trip. She has been very lucky as this was the second school trip for them this term. This week they had an invitation to visit a local garden. As Little E loves all things gardens and growing she was in her element. She was able to go into school in non-uniform and we had to remember to give Little E a packed lunch.

Ethan is also having his own fair share of events as we come to the end of the school year. This week hasn’t been as manic for him as it has for Little E. Things are paced out more at his school. Ethan did have his class photos taken this week and today they are celebrating Rainbow day. A non-uniform day and the chance to dress up in colourful clothes. I’m sure there will be more events and the school winds down for the summer break. Let’s just hope the weeks aren’t quite so busy at this one.

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