Aquabeads Advent Calendar REVIEW Unboxing The Contents

Aquabeads Advent Calendar Contents REVIEW

Whilst at the Toy Fair earlier this year I spotted another advent calendar that would be available this Christmas. So not only did I know in January that I wanted to open the Playmobil Christmas Ball Advent Calendar for you all. I also discovered that Aquabeads would have their very own advent calendar! What is also lovely is that we have been sent the Aquabeads Advent Calendar to unbox and review for you all.

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Aquabeads Advent Calendar REVIEW

About The Aquabeads Advent Calendar

In this advent calendar, there are 24 doors for you to open. It contains everything you need to make Aquabead creations. The back of the advent doors are the templates for you to create 15 festive Aquabead designs. Seven of which you can turn into decorations for your Christmas tree.

A sprayer and layout trays are also included so you can create and enjoy this advent calendar even if it is your first time using Aquabeads.

Please Note: Aquabeads are not suitable for children under 4 years. They must also be created under adult supervision.

aquabeads advent calendar

What Will You Find Inside?

I have listed the advent calendar’s contents below with photos. In total there are 24 doors to open. If you want to keep the contents a surprise don’t read anymore!

I also created a full unboxing video on our YouTube channel which you will find at the bottom of this post.

Day 1 contains Layout Trays

aquabeads layout trays aquabeads advent calendar

Day 2 contains a Sprayer

aquabeads sprayer aquabeads advent calendar

Day 3 contains a Candle

candle aquabeads advent calendar

Day 4 contains a Candy Cane

candy cane aquabeads advent calendar

Day 5 contains Santa’s Sack

santas sack aquabeads advent calendar

Day 6 contains a Christmas Pudding

christmas pudding aquabeads advent calendar

Day 7 contains a Snowflake

snowflake aquabeads advent calendar

Day 8 contains a Pink Christmas Gift

pink christmas gift aquabeads advent calendar

Day 9 contains a Christmas Stocking

christmas stocking aquabeads advent calendar

Day 10 contains Yellow String

yellow string aquabeads advent calendar

Day 11 contains a Gingerbread House

gingerbread house aquabeads advent calendar

Day 12 contains Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

rudolph red nosed reindeer aquabeads advent calendar

Day 13 contains Green String

green string aquabeads advent calendar

Day 14 contains a Gingerbread Man

gingerbread man aquabeads advent calendar

Day 15 contains a Christmas Wreath

christmas wreath aquabeads advent calendar

Day 16 contains Red String

red string aquabeads advent calendar

Day 17 contains Layout Trays

aquabeads layout trays aquabeads advent calendar

Day 18 contains an Elf


Day 19 contains a Bead Stand

bead stand

Day 20 contains a Snowman


Day 21 contains a Bead Stand

bead stand

Day 22 contains Father Christmas

father christmas

Day 23 contains a Bead Stand

bead stand

Day 23 contains a Christmas Bauble

christmas bauble

My Thoughts On The Aquabeads Advent Calendar

This is the first time I have ever created anything with Aquabeads. I helped my little lady make the first items before she had to leave me. We didn’t place the templates under the layout trays, as instructed, as we found this made the designs hard to see. We could easily create the designs with the templates at the side.

Little E needed help with direction but I think she really enjoyed building Aquabead designs. I actually found this activity really relaxing too.

We made all of our designs in one sitting but it is recommended that you let the Aquabeads set for at least 60 minutes. This should be easy to do as you open one door of the advent calendar each day. I think if you have someone creative in your family this would be the perfect advent calendar for them.

DISCLOSURE – We received the Aquabeads Advent Calendar as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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