Sending Gifts Abroad to Family and Friends with Splitcha // AD

Sending Gifts Abroad to Family and Friends with Splitcha // AD

Having close family in Australia we have sent many Christmas and birthday presents to the other side of the world. This has had many mixed results, ranging from expensive postage costs to disappointment for parcels not arriving. I have looked into many different options but have never found a good solution for sending gifts abroad. Looking for local shop websites that you can trust isn’t an easy task and one that you think should be! Splitcha is a new service launching in November. It promises to make the process of sending gifts abroad to family and friends effortless.

sending gifts abroad to family and friends with splitcha

Our Experience of Sending Gifts Abroad   

As we can’t visit Australia yet it is very important for us to send our niece and nephew physical gifts to open on their birthdays and for Christmas. We hope that this shows them that we are thinking of them even though we are on the other side of the world.

We worked out very early on that the bigger the parcel the more expensive the postage. The heavier the parcel the more it will cost to send. Parcels should always be sent signed for or tracked. A beautiful Disney dress we sent our niece never made it because we didn’t do this and I was heartbroken. Depending on the service, sometimes a parcel will only be tracked to the UK airport it leaves from. I really don’t understand the logic behind that one!

This has resulted in our gifts mostly being t-shirts or other items of clothing. They are easy to package and the least expensive items to send. We have turned into the predictable gift-givers from the UK!    

Other Instances When We Have Wanted To Send Items Abroad

When we were planning our Disney Wedding it would have been lovely to ship items to Florida. This would have reduced the number of items we needed to pack and take with us on the flight. I was worried that the imported wedding items wouldn’t arrive which was the main reason we didn’t look into this option.

It would have also been nice to do this when we took both Ethan and Little E to Walt Disney World when they were toddlers. Specialist nappies, nappies, swimming nappies, and wet wipes take up so much room in your luggage. If I had discovered an easier way to source them I would have done so. You don’t really want to be nappy shopping when you are visiting Disney!

Let’s not mention about wanting to ship things home from Disney. There is so much Disney merchandise that I would love to have in my home. I’m the person that is envious of those Disney themed kitchens and bathroom photos that you see on the Internet. I know that we would incur a huge shipping bill and possible import taxes if we did this. I have to save my Disney home shopping for our Disneyland Paris trips. It is so much easier bringing items home on the Eurostar. 

How Will Splitcha Make Sending Gifts Abroad Easier?

Splitcha is making the whole process of sending gifts abroad easier. They have created one place for you to shop. This means you only need one account or one app for all of your international shopping needs. All of the items you order are locally sourced at your required destination. Making you a local shopper.

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Shopping with Splitcha will make it easier to send your gifts abroad. Sending loved ones care packages abroad. Sending baby essentials to a holiday destination saving you space in your suitcase. Having forgotten items delivered to you when you are abroad on holiday. Ordering items abroad when on business trips and placing orders for international events. As the items are all locally sourced Splitcha gives you the chance to go bargain hunting globally.     

Using Splitcha is Also Good for the Environment

Using Splitcha and sourcing your required items locally reduce the need for air cargo or cross border shipping. Therefore reducing the carbon footprint, which is better for our environment. Last year there was 5 billion cross border e-commerce click-to-door air cargo shipments alone.

I will be pre-registering for Splitcha so that I can put it to the test this Christmas. Do you have family and friends abroad? Will Splitcha make sending gifts abroad easier for you too?

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post with Splitcha.

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