little e baby born poo poo toilet

BABY born Poo-Poo Toilet REVIEW

BABY born is adding to their bathroom accessory collection. Releasing the BABY born Poo-Poo Toilet to compliment the Toothcare Spa and Bathtub. Little E was asked if she would like to add this accessory to her BABY born collection. She was very excited to discover what this accessory could do.

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BABY born Poo Poo Toilet REVIEW

The BABY born Poo-Poo Toilet

With this BABY born accessory, your doll can move from the potty to the ‘big’ toilet. This toilet is very special. Place your BABY born doll on the toilet seat and you will hear wee wee sounds along with encouraging applause.

baby born poo poo toilet boxed

Your doll will have done a rainbow glitter poop! You can flush the toilet using the big yellow flush button. You will hear flushing sounds and the rainbow poop will magically disappear.

rainbow poop toilet baby born poo poo toilet

Please Note: This toy requires 2 x AA batteries. You will need to purchase the batteries separately.


What Does Little E Love About The BABY born Poo-Poo Toilet?

Little E absolutely loves this toilet. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she spotted the rainbow poop. The added toilet sounds made her day! She has spent hours playing with this toilet. She loves that she now has a full bathroom set of BABY born accessories for her dolls. Little E has lots of fun getting them ready for bed and creating a bedtime routine.

little e baby born brother toilet

The video below shows Little E opening the toilet and her first reactions to it.

What Do I Love About This BABY born Accessory?

The toilet is very simple to activate and has given Little E hours of fun. The toilet is empty when the doll is placed on it. Placing the doll on the toilet pushes down a button at the base of the toilet. The rainbow poop then appears. Pushing the flush button makes it disappear again. The toilet noises make for very entertaining play!

little e baby born poo poo toilet

DISCLOSURE – We received the BABY born Poo-Poo Toilet as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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