Becoming Jawsome Sharks Rangers with SEA LIFE Aquariums

Becoming Jawsome Sharks Rangers with SEA LIFE Aquariums

Hasbro invited us to visit a SEA LIFE Aquarium* to become Jawsome Sharks. Jawsome Sharks is the Play-Doh event taking place this spring at SEA LIFE centres.

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Becoming Jawsome Sharks Rangers with SEA LIFE Aquariums

The Jawsome Sharks Event

Professor Finn has dropped the bag of Play-Doh sharks teeth and lost them all in the aquarium’s tanks. Can you help and search the tanks and find the missing teeth?

jawsome sharks sea life poster

To become a Jawsome Shark Ranger you must find the missing teeth and write them down on the provided form. The sharks’ teeth you are looking for are, great white, copper shark, sand tiger, cookie cutter and a sevengill shark.

jawsome sharks copper shark tooth

When you have completed the task you will be able to claim your special Play-Doh reward*.

*subject to availability

The SEA LIFE centers and dates the event is running are listed below.

  • Loch Lomond – 09.02.19 to 06.05.19
  • Manchester – 08.02.19 to 06.05.19
  • Bray – 16.02.19 to 06.05.19
  • Weymouth – 16.02.19 to 06.05.19
  • Blackpool – 16.02.19 to 06.05.19
  • Brighton – 23.03.19 to 06.05.19
  • Great Yarmouth – 23.03.19 to 06.05.19
  • Scarborough – 23.03.19 to 06.05.19
  • Hunstanton – 23.03.19 to 06.05.19


Our Jawsome Sharks Experience

We decided to visit Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary* to become Jawsome Shark Rangers. We had never visited Hunstanton before and we were looking forward to discovering a new place.

hunstanton sea life sanctuary

Little E couldn’t wait to start looking for the missing sharks’ teeth. She had her Jawsome Sharks form in hand ready to mark off all the shark teeth she spotted in the tanks as soon as we entered.

jawsome sharks little e finding teeth

I did wonder how difficult it would be to find the hidden sharks’ teeth. There are helpful hints to help you find them. These hints are also perfect for younger children who might need extra help.

jawsome sharks sticker hint

The sharks’ teeth are also brightly coloured and although hidden well the colours make them easy to spot.

jawsome sharks copper shark tooth little e
jawsome sharks cookie cutter tooth little e
jawsome sharks sand tiger tooth little e

As we made our way around the SEA LIFE centre we found Professor Finn.

jawsome sharks professor finn

Professor Finn told us about the sharks that lay eggs. There were also examples of the sharks’ eggs for us to look at and touch. I never knew that sharks lay eggs!

hunstanton sealife sanctuary shark eggs

The children also got the chance to touch a starfish and were awarded a pop badge for being brave.

hunstanton sealife sanctuary star fish
hunstanton sealife sanctuary star fish touch

With all the sharks’ teeth found Little E was able to claim the special reward* for becoming a Jawsome Shark Ranger.

jawsome shark ranger play doh special reward

We captured the below video during our visit to Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted a family ticket to enter Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products.


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