Blog Everyday August – Day 26 – Today I Ate

I think I have been very good today with food. I have got into the habit of eating Ethan’s chocolate so I have been trying to stop that, and I’m pleased to say that I’m on my third day without chocolate. I really hope I keep it up. 

So what have I eaten today. 

This morning I had two cups of tea and a bowl of rice krispies. 

We had lunch and dinner at my mums which was french stick with ham for lunch, and lasagna and garlic bread for dinner.  

I’m pleased to say that I have only had two more cups of tea this afternoon and evening, and I have just had another bowl of rice krispies. 

Tea is another thing I need to cut down as I could easily have a cup of tea every hour. 

Not a very exciting day in the world of food today, but a good day. 

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