Blog Everyday August – Day 5 – Something New

Since Ethan’s arrival we have found it very hard to buy things for ourselves. We feel like any spare cash, which is rare, Ethan will need. Last Christmas was the first year that we have brought each other gifts in a while, and we only really did this to show Ethan that everyone gets gifts at Christmas not just him. I know people think we are crazy when I say this but we have always had something to save for and we have always agreed to put the money towards that.

When I saw today’s subject for blog everyday we started to rack our brains, what is new in our house? We couldn’t think of anything. Then I remembered that it was our fifth wedding anniversary last week and my parents had brought us a gift. 

My mum kept telling us that a five year anniversary is wood and on the day she gave us the following gift. 

Rocha John Rocha wooden recipe book
A Rocha John Rocha wooden recipe book holder. The newest addition to our home.

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