Blog Everyday August – Day 6 – A Day In Our Life

This morning I woke up at 5.40 am and the first thing I did was check my phone for the time. Darren has already left for work at this point and I did actually contemplate if I should get up to write a review that I am still to do on the blog. I must have gone back to sleep as the next thing I remember is the alarm on my phone waking me, it was 6.30 am.

I headed downstairs for the first cup of tea for the day!

I was lucky enough today that Ethan didn’t need me at this time so I was able to drink my tea and reply to some of the emails that have been in my inbox for weeks! 

At 7.30 am it was time to get Ethan up, he was already awake in the cot watching the fan that is in his room at the moment. I gave him his milk and I had my breakfast. 

At 7.45 am my parents have arrived to collect Ethan to take him to nursery. I take him upstairs at 8 am to get him dressed and they leave for the nursery at 8.30 am. 

I then have a couple of hours to myself. This is the time I’m meant to do the housework but this morning I worked on some videos for the blog and before I knew it was 11 am and I still wasn’t dressed. I got dressed, made myself some lunch and waited for Ethan’s return. 

He was home by 1 pm but today he hadn’t eaten his lunch. We have decided to see if he likes eating the cooked lunches at nursery as he has stopped eating bread but today he wouldn’t eat anything. He also looked very tired upon his return and I was worried if this meant he might be coming down with something. Ethan normally stops eating and drinking when he is ill. 

When my parents said goodbye I tried to make Ethan a lunch but he still wouldn’t eat. 

Ethan wanted the box that contained his posting and matching homework but he wanted the books inside, which he sat by himself and read to himself. No Ethan doesn’t know how to read but he does talk to the books and turn all the pages one by one it is very sweet. 

We then played with a noisy puzzle that he has had for a while but today was the first time he was able to put a piece in the correct place without any help or lashing out. He quickly got bored with this and started walking round the house not knowing what to do with himself. By 2 pm he had his iPad.

I watched some TV whilst Ethan played the In The Night Garden Game. He then came and sat next to me. I say next to me, he is more or less attached to my hip and I have to rub his foot continuously.

At 3.30 pm I noticed that Ethan was very hot so I took his temperature, it was 39.2, I gave him some calpol. 

Ethan wasn’t 100% and we sat on the sofa for most of the afternoon watching toot on the TV. Ethan picked up a little bit at 5 pm and did some spinning to the music on his Fisher Price app he then crashed again. 

Darren was early tonight and was home by 6 pm. We ate our dinner whilst Ethan stayed in the front room, he didn’t eat anything. 

At 7.20 pm he looked really ill and was very hot, he fell asleep on the sofa and I tired to cool him down with a damp cloth. 

At 8.30 pm Darren gave him some medicine and took him up to his cot.

This evening I have been writing my blog posts for tomorrow and Darren is already in bed. Which is where I will be going after I have published this post. 

I’m very worried about Ethan, he really didn’t look well. Lets hope he is OK tonight and feels better in the morning.

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