Blog Everyday August – Day 8 – Get Crafty

I’m taking part in a challenge that Sarah over at Yummy Mummy in Training has set for herself. She has set herself prompts to blog about everyday during the month of August, I thought that these prompts would be a good way for all of my twitter friends to get to know me a little better. Today’s prompt is Get Crafty.

Get crafty, I wish!

Being crafty is not something I have any luck getting Ethan interested in. He just doesn’t understand its purpose and it doesn’t hold his attention so I give up. I know this is wrong to give up but it’s emotionally draining trying to make Ethan interested in something that doesn’t have buttons or flashing lights. To me it just highlights Ethan’s differences and it makes me sad.  
Today’s blog everyday topic has forced me to try something that I have wanted to do with Ethan for a while. I have wanted to do our hand and foot prints with paint but I know that we will have to work towards this so today I decided we should just try finger and potato painting. 
I slowly showed Ethan what to do with the paint, as you can see from his face it didn’t go down well!
This is all we did before Ethan walked away…
…and discovered that pegs are so much more interesting.
I tried to get Ethan interested into the paints again but because I had put his hand into the paint his sensory issues with dirty hands took over and there was no going back.  
I was about to throw in the towel when I remembered we had a paint brush that my cousin sent as part of Ethan’s birthday gift. A paint brush means we don’t have to put our hands in the paint, I got the brush and started painting a butterfly to show Ethan how to use it. He started to take notice, especially when I put the paint brush into the water to clean it. 
I gave Ethan the paint brush and directed Ethan to put it in the paint and then onto the paper. I even asked him to put it into certain colours, Ethan was off creating artwork.
As you can see Ethan still didn’t like to get the paint on his hands.
In the end painting turned into just mixing colours rather than putting the paint onto the paper. 
Our painting adventure didn’t last for long and Ethan told me that he had had enough by saying bye, we did leave quite a few masterpieces drying in the sun.
I think Ethan did very well today with the paints and I think we should try painting again next week.

14 thoughts on “Blog Everyday August – Day 8 – Get Crafty”

  1. sabrina montagnoli

    When we do painting I do not have an end goal in mind! I just roll out a huge sheet in the kitchen leave a few options of brushes and colours and leave my wee man to decide what he wants to do with it. It works out so much better that way!

  2. How amazing, well done Ethan! (Lots of boys don’t like craft anyway, mine are far too busy climbing/ kicking balls/ playing computer games to be interested in art and craft.)

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you, it does worry me that he shows no interest. Perhaps I’m just worrying about it too much lol

  3. My son has no interest in sensory play and hates getting messy – if I get anything out for his little sister he will sit on the sidelines dipping a finger in every now and again. I think it’s just finding a way for them to get involved that they will enjoy and the paintbrush seemed to work! Some great paintings he created

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