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We all dream of winning the lottery and know how it would change our lives if our numbers came up. I’m sure we all have a mental list of what the money would be spent on, so when BritMums set the #Spend20K Challenge and asked us to blog about what we would spend the money on my initial reaction was I want to go back to Walt Disney World

This will always be my automatic answer because it is my happy place and a place where you can create fantastic memories, but then I put my sensible head on and realised that twenty thousand pounds, at this point in time, could really change my life. 

It would buy my freedom!

Now I know this seems like a weird concept as I am free, but at the moment I carve freedom in two different ways. This is how I would spend twenty thousand pounds.

The first thing I would do would be to clear our loan. I wasn’t very good with money when I was younger and I’m still paying for it. For me this loan feels like a heavy weight on our shoulders and it is an added pressure that we don’t really need at the moment, but I’m paying my dues. To have this monthly payment removed would really make us feel free.

I would then buy myself a car, nothing fancy just a little car that would get me from A to B. Where we used to live I could walk to everywhere I needed to be, that isn’t possible now. Ethan has so many appointments to go to, and there are groups and classes that I could take him to in the week, but without a car I have to catch a lift from my parents. This makes me feel terrible, I feel like I gained my independence when I learnt how to drive and now I’m a teenager again asking for lifts. Now I know what your thinking, why don’t you just use a bus?! The stress involved with getting Ethan on the bus on my own, and the journey time just to get to the places we could go, some not reachable by public transport, just isn’t worth it for the time that we will be at our destination. This means that for most of the week we are house bound and it’s slowly and surely driving me nuts! So being able to buy a car and also having some money for the running costs would give me a whole new world of freedom and that really would change our lives.

Of course with any money left over I would plan a trip to Walt Disney World, maybe even a Disney Cruise!

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2 thoughts on “Buy My Freedom – #Spend20K”

  1. Debt can be a real downer and yes being house bound is no fun either. Hoping something turns up to make these dreams come true for you. Commenting for myself and BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  2. First of all – a Disney cruise? I’m in. We’ve been wanting to go on a cruise since we moved to Gibraltar and lived on the water, right where all the cruise ships enter the harbour. But w’e’ve always put it off. Money. And also when I am thinking about it right now, being stuck in one room with the kids for any period of time does not sound appealing. But that is just because one is crying and one is shouting, and the iPad is giving them an on repeat background music.
    As for freedom, I am with you on that one. I would have loved some of that, some less loans, more free money, more hours of the day, more activities, less problems, less troubles, and so on and so forth.
    I was just telling my husband the other night, that what I would really like to have is some boredom. I would take one day of no burdens to carry.
    No amount of money ah?
    I wish you the 20k. x

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