Blog Everyday August – Day 12 – Nature

I’m not very good with nature, I never have been. Having hay fever puts me off of the great outdoors at certain times of the year. I would rather stay in the safety of the indoors and away from the horrible pollen.

Ethan loves going out for walks, and Darren often takes Ethan for a walk at our local park at the weekends. We also take him to our local country park when we get the chance. Ethan loves to explore the world around him.

Living so close to a river we can also take Ethan to feed the ducks. 





Our house also attracts lots of local wildlife, in the spring we have lots of baby frogs that the local children rescue and take back to the river. We have also had some friends visit. 




Although I’m not great with nature I love that we are so close to nature living in this house and Ethan gets to experience it, well when hay fever season is over!

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