Little E

Little E – 12 Weeks Old

Dear Little E, You are 12 weeks old today, I can’t believe we have been a family of four for three months already! I would love to say time does fly when you are having fun but you are one very demanding little lady! You still feed little and often, the guidelines say you should …

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Little E Finds Her Hands

This week I have noticed that Little E has found her hands. She has been sucking her hands for a little while when she is hungry or when she wants to go to sleep but this week I think she is reaching out for her toys. I really noticed this on Monday when she received …

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Little E – 8 Weeks Old

Dear Little E,  Your 8 weeks old and yes the time has flown!  This month when the health visitor visited us you had put on two pounds, taking you up to ten pounds. You are still feeding every two hours and are slowly increasing your milk intake to three ounces for each feed. We had …

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Little E’s First Smile

Last Sunday I was able to capture Little E’s first milestone on camera. She smiled at me for the first time. To be honest I had been seeing if I could get her to do a real smile from six weeks old, we had had lots of lovely windy smiles up until that point.    …

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