Three Months Old, Sleeping Through The Night!

Little E surprised us all this week and started sleeping through the night. 

I don’t think we were really expecting it yet as we aren’t used to having children that sleep through. Knowing my luck because I have blogged about this today Little E will be up all night tonight!

She still has her crying time in the evenings. She starts at anytime from 5pm and can cry right up until 9pm. I do wonder if she is perhaps overtired at this point as she doesn’t really sleep that much during the day. 

Keeping everything crossed her sleeping through the night continues and hopefully she will grow out of her crying time soon!

6 thoughts on “Three Months Old, Sleeping Through The Night!”

  1. Oh how wonderful – makes such a difference when you get that bit more sleep! Well done Little E and hope she continues to sleep through the night for you 🙂

  2. Yay! That’s amazing! I really hope it continues for you. I think you can cope with crying in the evening in return for sleeping through the night. My daughter slept through the night from about eight weeks. She did revert to waking at night at about six months when she got hungrier.

  3. Hello there that’s fantastic! Sorry to hear about the crying time though but as you say it might just be being a bit overtired. Our little man still doesn’t sleep through the night but we have learned to live with it! x #ssamazingachievements

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