Center Parcs Pony Rides Elveden Forest

In December we visited Center Parcs Elveden Forest for the Winter Wonderland weekend. When looking at the activities we could book I saw that they offered the Pony Rides again. Ethan had been on the pony ride when we visited in May but Little E wasn’t old enough as you have to be two years old. Little E is really interested in horses but we wasn’t sure if she would be happy to ride one. Thankfully Little E wants to do everything her brother does at the moment so getting on the pony really wasn’t a problem.

center parcs pony ride elveden forest center parcs pony ride elveden forest

Ethan loved that his sister was joining him on the pony ride. He had the biggest smile when he saw her on the pony. He kept looking back at her to check that she was OK. We decided that Darren would walk with Ethan and I would walk with Little E so that I could capture her first pony ride on video. As we walked Little E was talking to the pony and singing ‘Horsie, Horsie’. She also kept stroking his mane, it was so sweet to watch.

The pony rides are booked in at fifteen minute intervals but our time didn’t feel rushed at all. We had made them aware of Ethan’s needs and that it was Little E’s first time. They took time with them before the ride started to make sure that both children were comfortable. The pony rides cost £18 each. This is quite a lot when paying for two, but a pony ride isn’t an everyday experience for us. If we are able to return to Center Parcs I would be happy to book the pony rides again.

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