Colchester Pumpkin Patch Foxes Farm 2018

Colchester Pumpkin Patch Foxes Farm 2018

We first discovered the Colchester Pumpkin Patch in 2016. It was our first time visiting Foxes Farm and the children really enjoyed it. We visited last year too just before our adventure to Disney World. The bad weather put us off visiting last weekend. We decided to visit this weekend and the weather was amazing.

Colchester Pumpkin Patch 2018

There were some changes to the Pumpkin Patch this year. To enter the corn maze you now have to pay £3.00. I’m guessing this is the price per person. We didn’t worry about going in the maze so didn’t pay this fee. There were food stalls there this year which is what it was missing in previous years.

little e foxes farm pumpkin patch
colchester pumpkin patch foxes farm ethan

There was a larger area of pumpkins this year which was great. But it was so busy. The Pumpkin Patch is obviously a big hit now. It opened at 10 am, we got there at 11 am and it was packed. This wasn’t a problem though as we were able to find a quiet area of the patch.

foxes farm crate ethan little e

Both Ethan and Little E had lots of fun at the Pumpkin Patch. Ethan kept asking for his photo to be taken in different places and with different pumpkins. Little E was happy running around looking for a pumpkin that could make Cinderella’s carriage.

pumpkin sign ethan little e

We spent an hour at the Colchester Pumpkin Patch. The children picked two little pumpkins but the queue to pay for the pumpkins was huge. There was only one man taking the payments for the pumpkins at that time. Ethan wouldn’t have been able to cope waiting in the queue that was there. Thankfully both children were quite content with their visit to the pumpkin patch without needing to bring a pumpkin home. The Colchester Pumpkin Patch really has become popular over these past few years. I’m hoping it was just our timing with them only having one person collecting the payments for the pumpkins during our visit.

hay bale ethan little e

The below video is of our time at the Colchester pumpkin patch.

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