The Dentist Check Up

At the beginning of the month I got a text from our dentist reminding me it was time for Ethan’s six month check up. Even though we have been visiting the Special Needs Dentist with Ethan our main dentist wanted to keep Ethan’s appointments up-to-date.

I wasn’t excited about booking the appointment as it can be a very stressful experience for all concerned, but we have to keep trying. One day the dentist might get to look and work in Ethan’s mouth.

When we arrived we sat Ethan where he could watch the TV advertising all of the services our dentist now offers. It has a running text line on the bottom of the screen and Ethan watches it so it helped keep him in one place. At one appointment Ethan discovered the doors in reception, lets just say he kept everyone in the waiting room very entertained!

It wasn’t long before we were called into Ethan’s appointment. The dental nurse asked if Ethan wanted to sit in the chair. A firm ‘No’ was clearly heard by everyone. The dentist tried to coax Ethan into the chair, no joy. In the end Ethan was pulled into the chair by Darren, who held him on his lap.

There was lots of screaming and fighting from our little boy and its a terrible situation to be in. But amongst all of the stress and noise we somehow asked Ethan to open his mouth and show his teeth. Our little superstar opened his mouth and said ‘Ah’ for a split second. Just long enough that the dentist finally got his first glimpse into Ethan’s mouth.

I have no idea where Ethan had learnt this action but it is another little skill that he has picked up from somewhere.

6 thoughts on “The Dentist Check Up”

  1. what a wonderful post, brought tears to my eyes while smiling at the same time. it really is an emotional roller coaster with our little ones isn’t it.
    Well done and a huge high 5 to Ethan for opening his mouth. I do hope that it wont be long before Ethan does it on his own.
    (We used social stories and role play with big bro and their teddys and pretend played dentists for a week before we went recently, I dont know if that was what won him over but I think it did help) xx

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you, it isn’t easy is it. I’m hoping one day we will get there. At the moment I can see Ethan needing to be knocked out to have his teeth looked at and I hate that thought x

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