Disney On Ice Frozen at the 02

Just after Christmas we took a family trip to the 02 to see Disney On Ice Frozen. We went to see Disney on Ice the year before which included an extract from Frozen. I thought the production of the show was amazing. They created the snow storms, I knew the full show would be good to see. As you know I also love Disney, so of course I would try to get us some tickets!

I was able to get us tickets in the same place that we sat last year. The only difference being that this year Little E would have her own seat. At two years old you have to pay for a ticket for a Disney on Ice show for your toddler.

We normally book tickets for the 11am show but as we went on a bank holiday the first show was at 2.30 pm. This made a big difference to our journey time and we also had to deal with Ethan having a meltdown on the way there. To say we were relieved to make it to the 02 is an understatement.

We had told Ethan that he was going to see Disney on Ice. I’m not sure he totally understood what we meant by that even though he has been to quite a few of the shows now. It was lovely to hear him say ‘It’s a show!’ when we were shown to our seats.

Little E, being the active toddler that she is, didn’t want to sit on her seat for long. Thankfully we had taken her little life back pack with us which meant she could jump around in the space but couldn’t get away. As we had front row seats she could get close to the action and tried many tricks to get away from me. In the end she settled for standing as close to the ice as her back pack and my arm would let her.

disney on ice frozen

As I was busy with Little E Darren was in charge of taking photos. He took most of them on his iPhone and even captured some video.

disney on ice frozen mickey mousedisney on ice frozen timondisney on ice frozen rapunzeldisney on ice frozen little mermaiddisney on ice frozen anna elsadisney on ice frozen svendisney on ice frozen olafdisney on ice frozen olaf

Whilst I was trying to keep Little E in one place Ethan was doing an amazing job at watching the show. He loved every minute of it. He cheered and clapped at all the right moments which you can clearly hear in the video. It was lovely to see him enjoying it so much, he has really got to the right age now. It is clear that he now understands about the interval and is very good at waiting for the second act.

Ethan loved seeing Olaf and I’m sure he sang along to some of the songs. Little E loved seeing all of the princesses. They brought a good mix of characters out at the start and end of the show.

I do love a Disney show and I’m glad that we went. Little E was hard work but it was clear that she loved it. We are unsure if there is a Disney on Ice performance at the 02 next year. If there is we are undecided about if we will go but I do know we will make sure we go to the early show again. It really does make a difference to our day out.

2 thoughts on “Disney On Ice Frozen at the 02”

  1. Aww! It sounds like you had a fantastic time! The back pack was a fab idea to keep Little E off the ice….
    It is such a fab show….We saw it a few months ago and loved it x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I’m so glad we took the back pack it really did come in hand. She did pull some great moves trying to get on that ice. Disney do know how to do a show don’t they ;0) x

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