Our Eighth Wedding Anniversary

Today we celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary. It sounds strange saying that as it doesn’t feel like we have been married for that long at all.


We didn’t have much planned today and what we did have planned we changed as Ethan hasn’t been very well. We are hoping that tomorrow we will be able to get out for our planned celebration. Nothing too fancy just out for lunch.

It was a funny kind of day with a few autism battles thrown in for good measure. It was weird thinking that this time eight years ago I was practically a princess for a day and today I was fighting with the ironing board. It really sums up what being a family is all about and we wanted to be married to have a family.

I must admit the family we are isn’t the family I expected to become on our wedding day. We have had some unplanned hurdles to face and it has been tough at times, but it is who we are and it’s what makes us unique.

We have no idea what the next few years will bring for our little family but I’m hoping there will be Disney mixed in there in some form. Everyone needs dreams and magic at some point in their lives and I’m hoping our children will embrace it too.

2 thoughts on “Our Eighth Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Oh happy Wedding Anniversary and I hope you do get out to enjoy yourselves even if it’s just for a couple of hours!
    I don’t think anything can prepare you for family life and the securities of it!

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