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    Today We Celebrate Our Eleventh Anniversary

    jane darren first dance our eleventh anniversary

    I can’t believe that is was eleven years ago today that we became husband and wife. Our wedding day was easily one of the best days of my life. As I had my dream Disney Wedding and I really was a princess for the day. We rarely celebrate our anniversary, and if we do it is rarely on the day. Our eleventh anniversary will be no different. We did celebrate our ninth anniversary with a trip to London for Beauty and the Beast afternoon tea. And our 2017 Walt Disney World visit was an early celebration for our tenth anniversary. At the end of August, we are taking the children…

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    How Has The School Run Helped My Mental Health?

    siblings october 18

    This time last year we were counting down to Little E starting school. Not only would this be a big change for her but I was facing the prospect of my very first school run. Now, this may sound absurd as Little E is our second child and our son was starting in year four. But we chose a special needs setting for Ethan’s education which needed him to take school transport. I had never needed to do the school run. I had also never actually been out of the house for a walk with both of my children on my own! Ethan’s autism diagnosis, moving to a new area…

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    Making Easter Egg Bark With Num Noms

    making easter egg bark melt white chocolate

    Little E has reviewed quite a few Num Noms toys over the past few months. During the Easter holidays, they sent her an Easter gift. It contained Num Noms from the Party Hair and Sparkle Smoothies series. It also contained everything she needed to make Easter Egg Bark. This is the first time I have really made anything with Little E food wise. This is how we got on… What You Need To Make Easter Egg Bark Making Easter Egg Bark is very simple. You will need the following ingredients to create it: 3 x 150g milk chocolate bars, broken into chunks 50g of white chocolate, broken into chunks 1…

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    Our Family February Half Term

    little e rainforest cafe

    Every year the month of February always feels like it is full of illness in our house. This year for the four weeks before our February half term I had a child off ill at home with me. It started off with Ethan and what I can only think was sickness because of a migraine. Then Little E caught a viral infection from Darren and it knocked her for six for three weeks. She has had a total of five sick days in the end and still isn’t 100%. This also meant that I didn’t really take any photos of my children during this time. Or even get the time…

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    A Week Of Firsts For Our Children

    Last week wasn’t the week I had planned. This was because Ethan was poorly on Monday night. It meant that I had an extra two Ethan days. This unexpected time meant that last week both children had a week of firsts. Ethan has been asking me in the mornings why are people in McDonalds. I have told him they are having breakfast. Last week as we had some extra time together I took him for a McDonalds breakfast. I ordered him pancakes as I knew he would happily eat those. Ethan was very confused about the lack of happy meals but now he knows that happy meals are for lunch…

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