Christmas 2012 – Advent Calendars

This Christmas is a special one for us as its the first one in our house and I’m really hoping that this is the year that Ethan starts to understand the concept of unwrapping presents as for the past two years, including his birthday presents, it has been left to us to open all the gifts. I’m not expecting a miracle but just having Ethan show a tiny bit of interest in the opening of the gifts would make my day. We have years to work on the whole idea of Santa and eventually the meaning of Christmas so I’m not worried about that just yet! 

So as we all know yesterday was December the 1st which means that its time to open door number one of the precious chocolate advent calendar. This is another first for us as for the past two years Ethan hasn’t been interested in chocolate so for his first Christmas we hunted high and low for an advent calendar that didn’t contain any chocolate, last year we were so busy trying to buy our house that christmas just really passed us all by without much thought so this was a new milestone for Ethan to enjoy. 

Ethan was very spoilt by his two nannies and not only is it our first year for chocolate advent calendars but he has two to choose from!

We started with the Gruffalo as this is one of Ethan’s favorite books and he showed intrest in this packet. I explained that we had to look for door number one. 


We then opened the door and uncovered the foil to find…


…the chocolate!


We then moved onto the milkybar one.


After examining both chocolates Ethan ate them all and this morning when it was advent time he got excited with full flapping arms and shouting at me when it was time to open the magical doors that contain the chocolate. I think Ethan is going to enjoy his December filled with chocolate mornings even if he isn’t aware of what we are counting down to yet!

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