Elf On The Shelf – Week 1

It’s that time of year again, it’s time to welcome Ralph and Roxy back into our home. Our hope is our Elves visually prepare Ethan for the coming of Christmas but it normally turns into a bit of a game between me and Darren.

This year we have also expanded our numbers as we brought some elves home with us from Lapland UK!

1st December 2015

Ralph and Roxy made their return and brought with them the advent calendars and special invitations to Lapland UK.


2nd December 2015

A night away from home but Ralph and Roxy didn’t need to worry as the Lapland UK elves kept an eye on us.


3rd December 2015

The elves decided to bond over a good book today.


4th December 2015

The elves went for a ride on Little E’s Toddle Bike 2.


5th December 2015

There was some hanging around today.


6th December 2015

I think the Lapland UK elves might have been getting their own back today!


7th December 2015

Someone discovered the biscuit barrel.


8th December 2015 & 9th December 2015

The elves got very comfortable on the stairs and stayed there for two days!


10th December 2015

A quiet day under the tree today.


2 thoughts on “Elf On The Shelf – Week 1”

  1. How fantastic that you managed to bring home two additional Elves from Lapland UK – perfect mischievious partners. It’s great that he has some ‘friends’ that he can ‘hang out’ with…pardon all the puns, but your photography just lends itself to them!!
    I love your photo on 6 December, how on earth did you manage to keep them all hanging onto the door like that?! Very clever.
    I really hope the children are enjoying their elves; I know mine are!
    Thanks so much for linking up with #LetElvesBeElves

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