Elf On The Shelf – Welcome Back Ralph!

This morning there was a special delivery underneath the Christmas tree.

Elf On The Shelf
Packages sent from the North Pole!
I would like to continue by telling you how magical our morning was welcoming Ralph back into our home, but that would be far from the truth. 
After standing in-front of the tree for what felt like an age to me, and adjusting/remembering that there is now sensory overload a Christmas tree in our front room. Ethan noticed the packages under the tree. Well I may have excitedly pointed them out to him a few times!
Remembering that this time last year Ethan had no idea of the concept of opening presents, and it was Christmas day that he opened his own presents for the very first time. I was very impressed to see my little boy ripping off the brown paper.
The first package was Ralph. A very eager Ethan pulled him out of the box but wasn’t interested in reading the story.
Within seconds he was opening the next package, an advent calendar.
I showed him how to open window number one and he ate the first piece of chocolate. Then the first battle happened. Ethan’s little hands were everywhere trying to open all of the windows to get to the chocolate. A firm NO was called for and I hope he understood my explanation of one window a day! 
There was another package, this one was for Little E. Second battle of the morning was to stop Ethan from opening this package. He was on a present opening roll. 
Now Little E is a good sleeper, at the moment she is anyway, and she doesn’t normally wake up until gone 7.30am. It was 6.30am and Ethan was on the verge of a meltdown. My only option was to wake Little E up, poor little lady. 
So upstairs we went to wake her, all for a chocolate advent that she doesn’t get to eat yet.



With Ethan’s help her advent calendar was opened. I took the chocolate out of window one to pretend to give it to Little E. Ethan promptly snatched it out of my hand and ate it himself. 
Meltdown averted and another firm No, explaining the one window a day rule. Ralph spent the rest of the day guarding the calendars.


Elf On The Shelf


Elf On The Shelf
A very interesting morning. One that left me wondering what will Christmas morning be like and will I have two children fighting over the chocolate advent calendars next year!
Elf Escapades

4 thoughts on “Elf On The Shelf – Welcome Back Ralph!”

  1. Oh dear…. sometimes a firm NO is needed…. there is so much going on, and it is hard to see it through their eyes sometimes. Im sure Little E will fight back next year, but if they both have them at the same time, it may help… it helps with mine, if they have them separate, the peace is broken… #ElfEscapades

  2. This is very interesting! I saw them online but not sure how they look like. I think my children would love the Elf! He look brilliant!

  3. Fab Elf post! My first elf arrived under our Christmas tree too! And I have my first advent calender too! I like choosing one out of my brothers and giving it to him! (At least I don’t eat it myself!) Thank you for linking up to #ElfEscapades

  4. My daughter at the age of almost 5 still tries to eat all the chocolate in one go – such a hard concept for children to grasp.
    Thanks for linking up #ElfEscapades

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