Rizmo Review - An Evolving Musical Friend

Rizmo Review – An Evolving Musical Friend

Have you heard of Rizmo? He is a cute musical friend who has travelled very far to get to Earth. He has a love for music and dance but needs help to evolve. I first saw Rizmo when I went to Dream Toys in November. He was announced as one of the top 12 toys this Christmas. Tomy asked if Little E would like to review one and put him to the test. I knew she would love to know what he could do.

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Rizmo Review A Evolving Musical Friend

Meet Rizmo

Rizmo is an interactive toy that can play 7 fun games with you. When you unbox him he is in baby form. He has to evolve twice to become fully grown. To make him evolve from a baby to a kid and then to finally fully grown you have to play with him. Every time you play with him you win a musical point. To be able to evolve Rizmo will need to collect 25 musical points and 15 recorded songs. Recording songs is one of Rizmo’s games.

little e rizmo

Baby Rizmo

When Rizmo arrives he is in baby form. He is a little ball of fluff, to interact with him you press his head button. His eyes change colour depending on the game you want to play. In this form, he has five different games to play.

little e baby rizmo

Playing With Baby Rizmo

To choose the game you want to play you must press the button on top of Rizmo’s head. Change his eyes to the required game and swing him down to confirm. He will confirm your selection by saying ‘Ready Go!’.

Green Eyes – Swing and Talk

In this mode hold and swing Baby Rizmo. He will make laughing sounds and even talk to you in his funny language.

Yellow Eyes – Record Songs

Music is what feeds Rizmo. Sing him a song and he will sing it back to you. Sometimes he will remember your song forever!

Purple Eyes – Sleeping Mode

When you are ready to stop playing with Rizmo you can swing him to sleep. Don’t forget to turn him off at his base to give him a real rest.

Blue Eyes – Music Maker

Rizmo will make sounds of musical instruments when you move him up, down, left and right. His mood will determine the sounds he makes.

Orange Eyes – Rolling Rhythms

Rolling Rizmo around will make him sing a melody.

The First Evolution

You will know when Rizmo is ready to evolve as his eyes will start to flash different colours. You must place him on a flat surface and give him lots of encouragement to evolve when his eyes turn white. It won’t take long and he will evolve into a kid.

Kid Rizmo

Kid Rizmo has a tail and a bigger tummy that you can see move when he is going to sleep. He plays the same games in this mode as he does in baby mode. Continue to feed him songs and play with him so that he will be able to evolve again for the last time.

little e kid rizmo

The Final Evolution – Grown-Up Rizmo

When you have played and gained enough musical points and songs Rizmo will evolve in the same way as before. This time he will transform into a grown-up and you will discover which character you have. With the Snow version, you will either evolve Snow PopStar or Snow ElectroStar. The Berry version, will either evolve Berry PopStar or Berry HipHopStar. And the Aqua version will evolve Aqua PopStar or Aqua RockStar.


We evolved Berry PopStar.

rizmo berry popstar grown up rizmo

Playing With Grown-Up Rizmo

Instead of Rizmo’s eyes changing colour in grown-up mode, his chest changes colour. Just like in baby mode use his head button to confirm the game you wish to play with him, not forgetting to swing him down to confirm. In grown-up mode, you can play all the same games as in baby mode but you have two extra choices.

Light Blue Chest – Colour Challenge Game

Rizmo will play a song and his chest light will change colour. You have to move him depending on the colour of his chest.

  • Green – move him left to right
  • Yellow – move him up and down
  • Red – clap your hands

Make sure you keep his rhythm, the more you play the harder the game gets!

Pink Chest – Dance to Music

Play Rizmo music and he will perform a groovy dance.

Don’t Make Rizmo Grumpy!

If you ignore Rizmo he will get very grumpy. His back eyes turn red and he will want to lie on his front. He will cry to get your attention and not want to play with you. To make him happy swing him or touch his head. When he is happy his eyes will turn back to green.

The below video shows us unboxing Rizmo and playing all the games with him. It also shows him evolving from the baby version into the kid version. We even make him grumpy!

What Did Little E Love About Rizmo?

Little E absolutely loves her Rizmo, from baby form to the fully evolved grown-up she has loved interacting with it. She loved the challenge of collecting enough music points and singing songs for him to save. I think it took her about three days of completing tasks to make him a full grown-up.

little e berry popstar

Little E loved the idea of having a baby pet to feed with music. I think singing to him is one of her favourite games. It did take us a bit of time to activate that game as we weren’t swinging him down to confirm our game choice. When we worked it out he soon started to record Little E’s songs and play them back to her.

Little E has continually played with Rizmo and he keeps her very entertained.

What Did I Love About Rizmo?

I wasn’t sure how little E would react to the baby form of Rizmo. I knew she would think the grown-up version was cute but I wasn’t sure about the younger version at all. It really is just like a ball of fluff. As soon as we took him out of the box she was captivated. This ball of fluff could do things and make cute sounds. It was challenging her to earn points and sing songs. She has never really experienced that with a toy before.

We had so much fun watching Rizmo evolve, grow and change. I love that there are two extra games to play when you have him in full grown-up mode. I think it helps to keep the children interested in the toy. Once Rizmo is evolved to a grown-up that is the way he will stay.

If you’re worried about all the noise that Rizmo can make there is also a volume control setting that the children wouldn’t easily find. This is perfect if you need things a little quieter.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted Rizmo for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products.

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