a surprising day full of achievements

A Surprising Day Full Of Achievements

It’s funny when an outsider looking in will just think you are having a normal day. But instead, you are actually experiencing a surprising day full of achievements. Ethan had one of those days today. A normal day that he turned into a surprising day full of his own achievements.

a surprising day full of achievements


For the first time in over a year, Ethan slept through the night from 8 pm until 7 am this morning! I would love for this to be the start of things to come but I think it may be a one-off. We won’t know for a while!

Even though this was amazing I still didn’t have a great night sleep because when I realised he wasn’t in the bed with us I was then awake worrying what was wrong. I did send Darren in there at 5 am to check on him and everything was fine.

Noticing Babies!

Whilst we were waiting for Ethan’s swimming lesson and I was talking to one of the other mum’s Ethan decided to pay attention to her baby daughter that she was feeding at the time. Now, this is a first for Ethan as he has seen many other babies and has hardly even looked at them.

It started off with Ethan stroking her hair with his middle finger. This is the finger that Ethan uses for everything he never uses his index finger, we call it his ET move! Hair is also Ethan’s thing he always wants to touch your hair as it is his sign of affection. He kept moving from this baby to another baby that had also caught his eye who was sitting in his pram.

After mastering his ET move he then used his full hand to stroke the little girl’s hair and then he decided he wanted to give her an Ethan cuddle. Ethan’s cuddles are when he touches his head against yours. I couldn’t believe what I was watching he was so gentle with her the whole time and I’m so grateful that her mum was happy for Ethan to have this moment with her little girl.

With the second baby he decided to play peek-a-boo, he stood at the side of his pram smiling at him and just slowly lowered himself to the floor before jumping up again. He did this about three times.


I have been taking Ethan to swimming lessons since January this year and as with everything Ethan likes to take his time so far he has mastered floating with his armbands and turning in circles. We are working on kicking his legs and moving his arms.

Today Ethan started to use his left arm as he moved about in the water he also started to understand jumping into the water. This means he did actually do a small jump into the water and not just walk off of the edge of the pool!

All in all a surprising day was had by all!

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