Ethan’s 1st Holiday – The Eden Project

We decided that because we were in the right area of England we wanted to visit the Eden Project as we were all interested to see the biomes. I say we, more the adults, I doubt Ethan knows what a biome is!


Mediterranean Biome

We started off looking in the Mediterranean Biome, Ethan was placed in his carrier so that he had a good view of all the flowers and plants.







Rainforest Biome

We then moved onto the Rainforest Biome. It was decided that Ethan and my parents would sit this one out as it was so hot and humid in there. Even me and Darren didn’t make it up all the stairs to the top viewing platform, but to be honest we didn’t even try.





After a very healthy lunch which I’m sure included cake we spent the afternoon looking around the gardens.







It was a very interesting day looking at all the different plants but I think it would be a better experience if you visited when they had an event on so that there was more to do.
All the flowers did make one little boy very tired…

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