First Cinema Trip As A Family Of Four

I have always loved trips to the cinema but when you have a baby those trips have to be put on hold. Over the past few years, with the help of autism friendly screenings, we have been able to visit the cinema again. We have to make sure we pick the right film to hold Ethan’s attention but thankfully most of these trips have been successful.

With the upcoming Despicable Me film this summer and my children’s love of minions I was starting to wonder if Little E would be ready for a cinema trip. With the potential cost of a family cinema trip being so high Darren didn’t feel Little E would be quite ready to test this year. I discovered that Disney Junior was offering free tickets to see Mickey and the Roadster Racers at ODEON. I was lucky enough to get us some tickets for the Mothers Day showing.

On the Sunday morning we told Little E that she was going to see Mickey Mouse on a big TV and she was very excited. When we got to the cinema Little E kept pointing out everything in the cinema.

Ethan was very happy to be at the cinema with his sister and he also got his own popcorn treat.

The show lasted for an hour and it contained music, games and two episodes of the new show Mickey and the Roadster Racers. Little E sat on my lap to watch most of it. She did so well but we lost her attention after they had asked the children to get up and dance to the hot dog song. After than it was hard to keep her so still.

It was so nice being able to go to the cinema as a family of four. I also loved sharing this moment with Little E and I can’t wait when we can go on girly trips to the cinema. If we can find an autism showing of the new Despicable Me film in the summer we might just do a family trip to the cinema again.

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