Our First Real Christmas Tree – Christmas 2018

Last week we had a very exciting delivery. We received our first ever real Christmas tree from The Christmas Forest.

Our First Real Christmas Tree

Real Christmas Tree Delivery

Our Christmas tree and stand was delivered from The Christmas Forest on our nominated day. It was packaged in a very think blue protective bag. Like all real trees it also had the mesh wrap holding all the branches in place. We opted for the 4 ft Nordmann Fir as a 6 ft tree would have taken over our front room.

The Christmas tree was very easy for Darren to unpack and place in the stand. We were supplied with a table top stand which has made it easy to water our tree everyday.

After putting our Christmas tree up we found out that we should have cut 2 cm’s off of the bottom. This helps with the longevity of the tree and makes it easy for it to drink the water. Thankfully our tree hasn’t had any issues with drinking the water we have given it.

Decorating Our Christmas Tree

We decorated our tree whilst the children were at school. I really wanted them to help but in the evening we wanted to take them to the cinema to see The Grinch. We also have the Primark Disney decoration advent calendar that we open together everyday. We created a time-lapse video of us decorating our Christmas tree that you can watch below.

Our New Christmas Decorations

This year we have added quite a few new Christmas decorations to our Christmas tree. This includes lots of Primark Disney and a Harry Potter decoration. A decoration from our Center Parcs Winter Wonderland break this year. Some new decorations purchased on our visit to St Johns in Clacton and the Aldi carrot family.

new christmas decorations 2018 reindeer christmas decoration new christmas decorations 2018 center parcs christmas decoration new christmas decorations 2018 primark harry potter christmas decorationnew christmas decorations 2018 aldi carrot tree decorationnew christmas decorations 2018 primark mickey mouse christmas decoration

What Do We Think Of Our First Real Christmas Tree From The Christmas Forest?

We were very surprised at how full our Christmas tree is. It is a lovely shape and very different from the real Christmas trees I normally see on sale. We have to remember to water it everyday and we have made sure it isn’t near our radiators. It is handling all of the decorations we are continue to add to it very well too. Having our tree delivered made the whole process really easy.

our first real christmas tree 2018

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the 4 ft Nordmann Fir Christmas tree from The Christmas Forest for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube videos. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the products.

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