how we found our perfect family car

How We Found Our Perfect Family Car

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One of the first items we purchased together as a couple was our car. We worked out our budget and we knew that we wanted a car that would last us for a good few years. We decided that purchasing a new car was the best option for us. The size wasn’t too important but we were aware that one day we would want a family of our own. We purchased a Seat Ibiza and it was in our family for many years. When our family became a four we knew that it was time to say goodbye to our Seat as space was becoming an issue. Buying a new family car is a big decision. This is how we found our perfect family car …

how we found our perfect family car


We started to pay attention to car advertising. Paying attention to the car adverts we saw on the TV, in the newspapers and in magazines. We would note down any car make and models that we liked the look of.

seat ibiza grey


When we had agreed on the cars we both liked the look of we started to research the different makes and models on the Internet. We did this in a number of different ways, from searching reviews to watching YouTube videos. There are also websites that let you compare car models, look at the specifications of the car and read reviews. is an example of a website that offers this service.

Visiting Dealers

Our next step was to visit car dealers and see the cars we liked in real life. We were able to get a feel for the cars size and available storage for our family.

Going For A Test Drive

Taking the cars for a test drive was the most important part of our car selection progress. We were both going to be driving our final chosen car and we both needed to be comfortable with the final choice. Our new family car was going to be considerably bigger than our Seat Ibiza. We both needed to be happy and confident driving our new car.

Finding the Best Deal

As we were going to be purchasing a brand new car we also took into consideration the finance deals available to us. Quite a few dealers were offering 0% APR when we were looking for our family car. This meant that our final choice wasn’t too restricted as this is the deal we were interested in the most.

If you are looking for a new car, by visiting somewhere like you can find out what the new car invoice prices were. Having this information could also help you get a good deal on the car you are interested in.

Our Perfect Family Car

It took us a few months to decide and settle on our perfect family car. We needed to be happy with the car’s specifications and size for all members of our family. We are now proud owners of a Skoda Yeti that will be in our family for many years to come.

skoda bagde white car

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