How Important Is Tyre Safety To You? – Mumsnet And Michelin Have Been Finding Out

Darren’s commute to work used to involve driving our family car over 100 miles a day. Not only were our petrol costs astounding, we had to maintain our car. Keeping it safe and ready for our family trips. This would involve servicing our car at least two times a year, each time new tyres had to be purchased.

I never realised how strongly I would feel about car maintenance when we had our family. Not only was our little car taking Darren to and from work to pay our bills, it was keeping him safe. It needs to keep us all safe when we go out and about. So every time we were told our tyres were nearing the minimum tread depth we had them replaced without hesitation.

In October over 1000 Mumsnetters completed a survey for Michelin on tyres and tyre safety.

The survey revealed, there was still a discrepancy between genders with more men taking responsibility for tyres.

Safety and longevity emerged as the most important criteria to Mumsnetters when choosing tyres, but car handling and fuel saving were important too.

Only 19% referred to the importance of tyre labelling, indicating that tyre labelling remains less understood than perhaps other labelling. Michelin say – did you know that tyre labels include a rating for wet braking stopping distances?

Whilst safety is the key consideration, 38% didn’t know the legal tread depth, 67% were unaware of the penalty for having bald tyres (which is a min. 3 points per tyre, plus a fine in the UK) and 38% only checked their tyre pressures twice a year or less.

With regards to winter tyres, surprisingly, 66% would consider or be prepared to buy winter tyres in the future. 7% of Mumsnetters currently own winter tyres, which is above average when compared with the UK as a whole.

For me this quote stands out the most

“I was once told that the tyres are the most important part of the car as they are the only thing connecting you to the road. I have always remembered this, especially with kids in the car”

This is why I believe it’s very important to keep our tyres maintained and safe, not only keeping an eye on the tread depth but also the air pressure. 

I must admit I’m one of those women that let the men take care of the car, but I do find it’s me that will always mention the checking the air pressure before any long journeys.    

I never knew that tyres came with labelling but it is something I will check for future purchases. 

Michelin Total Performance brings together an optimum mix of performance areas such as grip, long-life and fuel saving without a trade-off. Michelin tyres are the best match for the daily driving challenges that Mumsnetters face.


Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Michelin and Mumsnet. I have not been paid for this post. 

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