gro-hush Baby Calmer PRODUCT REVIEW

Before Christmas, we were sent the gro-hush Baby Calmer to review.

GroHush Baby Calmer

For the past few months both Ethan and Little E have been putting it to the test.

What is a gro-hush Baby Calmer?

It’s a unique calming device that delivers soothing white noise that only your baby can hear.

How do you use the gro-hush Baby Calmer?

You slip it onto your hand and choose from three sounds, mother’s heartbeat, rain on a tin roof or ocean waves. Then you place the soft pad gently against the baby’s ear.

What does the gro® company say?

– A comforting solution that helps any caregiver safely calm and soothe your baby even when they are distressed or crying.

– Soothing white noise sounds help recreate a secure, calming environment wherever you are helping them drift off to sleep.

– Volume preset at a safe and effective level of 75 decibels and can only be heard by baby.

– Automatically switches off after 10 minutes of use.

– The only hand-held calming device, Gro-hush can be taken anywhere and used to provide comfort to your baby.

– Includes a travel case and washable cover.

GroHush Baby CalmerGroHush Baby CalmerGroHush Baby CalmerGroHush Baby CalmerGroHush Baby Calmer

My Verdict

I think the gro-hush is the perfect size for both your hand and your babies ear. It doesn’t come with batteries so these need to be purchased and put in place before you can use the gro-hush. The travel case is also perfect for keeping the gro-hush clean.

I was surprised at how loud the sounds from the gro-hush were. I wasn’t expecting to be able to hear them but I could. I double checked that I had it set up correctly just incase.

I like how you have three sound options to choose from, this way you can use the perfect sound to soothe your baby.

Little E’s Verdict

Little E wasn’t so sure about the gro-hush at first and did try to turn her head to work out where the sound was coming from. It took about three attempts to get her used to just listening to the sounds.

We didn’t receive the gro-hush to review until Little E was over four months old, by then to go to sleep she had pretty much worked out how to self-soothe. She therefore wouldn’t fall asleep listening to the gro-hush but it does help to calm her when she is having crying moments. I think this is because the sounds distract her. It stops her crying quite soon after placing the gro-hush to her ear.


Ethan’s Verdict

Ethan loves the gro-hush, he likes to press the buttons to decide which sound to listen too. He will happily listen to it for a while before he decides he has had enough.

We were hoping that Ethan would use the gro-hush to help him self-soothe at bedtime and not rely on us through the night, but he wasn’t happy about taking it to bed with him. We have tried quite a few times but he saw it as a game. Not really what you want when settling children for bed.

Our Conclusion

I think if you are looking to purchase the gro-hush you should do so before the baby is born or in the first few weeks. I think they can quickly forget your heartbeat sound or learn how to self-soothe. Therefore Little E was too old to use the gro-hush to help her sleep.

When Little E was first-born she would cry from around 5pm until 8pm without fail. She would get very distressed but then all of a sudden after about three months this stopped. I think if we had the gro-hush from the get go it would have stopped all of this distress. The heartbeat wouldn’t have been a new sound to her, it would have been a familiar sound that she remembered.

If I knew about the gro-hush at this time I would have purchased one as I’m sure it would have helped calm her in her early weeks.

DISCLAIMER – We were gifted the gro-hush for the purposes of this review. We always give our honest opinions, finding, beliefs and experiences of products.

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