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    Time For The Children To Become Flu Fighters

    Last week both of our children had their flu vaccinations scheduled at school. Little E’s was due on the Tuesday and Ethan’s was due on the Wednesday. Being that Little E is really struggling with starting school and Ethan’s fear of doctors I didn’t expect it to go well. I was really shocked and pleasantly surprised when both children came home with their flu fighters certificates. Our Flu Fighters Little E Due to the amount of tears we have been having on school mornings I didn’t tell Little E about the flu vaccination until the morning it was due. Darren was at home that day and he explained to her…

  • Family

    The Year Of Unicorn Cakes

    Birthday cakes are a very important part of birthday celebrations in our family. My mum always made sure I had a birthday cake on my birthday. With Ethan being non-verbal for so many years this visual marker of a birthday became even more important to me. Sometimes this means that there maybe a few birthday cakes purchased for the children’s birthdays. This all depends on the days of their birthday, if they have a party and when our family gathering is. This year for our family gathering birthday cakes both children picked unicorn cakes. Ethan’s Unicorn Cake Ethan is very into minions again. Well they have never really fallen out…

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