Handmade Father’s Day Cards

The one thing I do love about the children going to school and nursery is the handmade gifts they get to make and bring home. With Father’s Day last Sunday I was hoping that Ethan would bring home a card for his dad but I was presently surprised that Little E also got the chance to make a card for her daddy.


Ethan’s Father’s Day Card

FathersDayCards2 FathersDayCards3

Ethan’s Father’s Day card was football themed and now we have the added bonus that Ethan is learning to trace letters. It looks like he is getting quite good at it too.

Little E’s Father’s Day Card


Little E’s Father’s Day card was made with paint. I must admit we haven’t done anything paint related at home so I would love to know how she reacts to paint. I’m hoping we can add some painting activities into our summer holidays.

I did ask how much of the work on the card she did herself and I was told she had help with the stars. The rest of the paint and glitter was all her own handy work.

Darren is very proud of the handmade Father’s Day cards he received from his children.

2 thoughts on “Handmade Father’s Day Cards”

  1. Awww they are FAB!!! Great job kids!! My son made a similar shirt one at school. He doesn’t tend to do craft based things so was lovely to see!!

  2. They’re lovely! I love the football-themed card and Ethan’s letters look very good!
    We hardly ever painted at home with the kids. My view is that’s what they went to nursery for! If they’re getting the experience there it doesn’t really matter that they’re not getting it at home – unless you love painting yourself, of course!

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