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Having Fun With Super Wings Toys REVIEW

Recently we have been helping Super Wings promote their new magazine. This was with twitter parties and written reviews. With each magazine bundle, they also sent us some great Super Wings Toys. I thought it would be a great idea to write a round-up review of the toys. I know there are lots of Super Wings fans out there that will find this helpful.

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Having Fun With Super Wings Toys REVIEW

Our Super Wings Toys Collection

Super Wings Rescue Riders

This playset consists of Sparky the brave fire truck and Zoey the ambulance. Recreate Dizzy’s Rescue Riders adventures to help save the day.

sparky fire truck little e

Sparky makes real fire truck sounds and his lights flash when you push down his side handle. His ladder can also extend out to over 18 inches in length. It has a front platform that can hold any of the Super Wings 5 inch transforming vehicles. The ladder can also pivot by 360° as well as being able to swivel down to the ground. Sparky also has a pull out front winch with a hook. Perfect to tow anyone that needs his help.

zoey little e

Zoey stores easily inside Sparky. She can also launch out of the back of him ready to help with any missions.

little e zoey launch out sparky

What Will You Find In The Box?

  • Sparky the Fire Truck
  • Zoey the Ambulance
  • Detachable Ladder
  • Removable Water Hose
  • 3 Traffic Cones

Please Note: Sparky requires 3 x AAA batteries. You will need to purchase the batteries separately.


Transforming Vehicles

There are over 20 Super Wings transforming characters to collect. The vehicles transform from plane to robot in just 10 easy steps. The children were sent Police Jett, Dizzy, Paul, Astra and Scoop to play with.

police jett super wings transforming vehicle

Jett is in his police Patrol team attire, wearing a blue police hat with the police Patrol logo.

dizzy little e super wings transforming vehicles

This Dizzy is in her supercharge mode. She has rescue rope clusters and mini-drones.

paul ethan super wings transforming vehicles

Paul is a policeman and he has a strong sense of duty. He is so enthusiastic that he acts like a policeman even when he isn’t policing!

astra little e super wings transforming vehicles

Astra is the Super Wings star from afar. The only team member who lives in outer space.

scoop robot little e super wings transforming vehicle

Scoop is an excavator, he has real working wheels and a moving and extendable boom.


High Flying Jett

little e super wings high flying jett super wings toys

With the Super Wings High Flying Jett, you can watch Jett fly over 20 feet in the air! This is done in three easy steps. Just load Jett onto the launcher, pull the cord, and watch Jett fly into the sky.

little e flying jett

Little E wanted to record a video of the High Flying Jett to show you exactly what it does. You can watch her demonstration in the video below.


Mini Figures

If you love a blind bag collectible then the Super Wings Mini Figures are for you.

ethan super wings mini figures blind bag

In each blind bag, you will discover one Super Wings character and a 3D interactive card. Inside our blind bags, Ethan discovered Paul, Grand Albert, and Jerome.

paul super wings mini figures
grand albert super wings mini figures
jerome super wings mini figures

What Do We Love About Our Super Wings Toys?

The children have loved discovering the Super Wings toys we were sent. Ethan loves playing with Sparky. He loves that he sounds just like a real fire engine and has real flashing lights. The children play with him and their transforming characters for ages.

The High Flying Jett was another real highlight for the children. They both take it in turns to make Jett fly. They have to be careful not to send him too high into our neighbour’s gardens. We take Jett to the park to make him fly really high.

Little E also loves the mini-figures. She adores small collectibles, she always has from a very young age.

DISCLOSURE – We received the Super Wings Toys as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post. We always share our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products received.

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