ethan swinging monkey bars childrens play area highwoods country park

Children’s Play Area Visit At Our County Park

We are trying to get out and about on Sunday’s to get used to being out of lock-down. This is mostly for me as I could happily stay at home for days even weeks and not see anyone. Which mentally isn’t the best thing. Last week I was able to get us tickets to visit the zoo. This week we wanted to return to The Beth Chatto Gardens but we discovered that isn’t open on Sundays. We wanted to visit somewhere new but was unsure of the parking options. This isn’t something we wanted to deal with as Ethan is already struggling with this pandemic. So we decided to visit our local country park. This weekend they reopened the children’s play area. It wasn’t on our must-do list but Ethan had other ideas.

little e woodland den highwoods country park

When we arrived at our country park Ethan immediately saw that the children’s play area was open. He was very vocal that he wanted to visit it. It looked quite busy and we only really wanted to go for a walk. We were in no rush to visit a play area on the official ‘Super Saturday’. Instead, we went for a walk in the woods hoping that would distract him.

darren little e tree climbing highwoods country park

We even resorted to climbing trees thinking that Ethan just needed to get climbing out of his system. He didn’t really understand the concept of tree climbing. Ethan was still constantly asking about the play area and it was causing him distress. Wanting to keep him calm we made our way back to the play area.

ethan climbing childrens play area highwoods country park

Totally in this element, Ethan was showing us the correct place to climb. Thankfully by the time we got there, it wasn’t as busy as it looked earlier.

ethan little e swing ropes childrens play area highwoods country park

Both Ethan and Little E had a great time playing, I think they needed this time. Little E got the chance to master the swing rope, something that she hasn’t been able to do yet.

ethan reaching for monkey bars childrens play area highwoods country park

For a long time, Ethan has had a fascination with the monkey bars. He just can’t work out how to make his way across them. We tried to help him by holding him and moving him across the row. We have to work on this a bit more. He isn’t ready to take part in Ninja Warrior just yet.

ethan swinging monkey bars childrens play area highwoods country park

It was great letting the children venture into the play area. They were able to let off some steam. We also had some hand sanitizer with us which we used as we left the play area.

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