Little E – 14 Months Old

Dear Little E,

Today you are 14 months old, you really are turning into a lovely little girl.


Your tiny baby days passed so quickly, and it feels like such a blur, I know you are loving every minute of being a fully fledged toddler.


This past month has been your brothers summer holidays so you have been able to spend lots of time together. It has been lovely watching you interact together, you can see how much you adore each other. You have even started to play together now and every night you run around the front room together. This causes lots of giggles, and sometimes screaming but it’s amazing to watch.


The summer holidays brought with it lots of adventures and many firsts for you. You wasn’t very impressed with the character breakfast at Haven, but you loved exploring the different beaches and tasting my ice-cream.

You love to get yourself into tiny spaces and can even turn this activity into a game of peak-a-boo.


You have been showing an interest in pens and drawing, and I’m amazed that we are already doing this activity at your age.


You love your food and are always interested in what everyone is eating. You actually fought me for some of my Danish pastry when we visited the beach.

This month you have learnt how to blow us kisses and if we are very lucky you also give us lovely cuddles. That is of course when you decide to stand still for a moment.

You love being on the move and also taking things with you. You always have an object in your hand which can range from blocks, little people and balls. The other week a peg was your object of the day.

We actually took you for your first official walk outside the other week. I’m looking forward to being able to do this more with you now that you have really found your feet.


We even had the time to visit the park this month and you are enjoying the swings.

LittleE7 LittleE9

You are your daddy’s double and you adore him. I’m so glad that his current job lets him spend so much time with you. If daddy is at home on your swimming lesson day it is him that takes you in the water.


You are also really enjoying books, bringing them over to us so that we can read them to you. You can also be very vocal if we don’t comply with your request quick enough. Screaming normally works quite well. This can also happen if you want some of our food.

We think you are starting to get some words, we thought you were saying ‘yes’ the other day and I have possibly heard ‘Hiya’.

I’m looking forward to getting back into our routine next month, visiting our groups and now we can add going for walks on our list of things to do.


2 thoughts on “Little E – 14 Months Old”

  1. Awww, she is growing up so fast. I’m with her on the “why’s there a big tiger behind me whilst I’m waiting for breakfast” look and you can almost hear the laugher when she’s on the swing.
    Very impressed with her crayon skills.
    Enjoy those teetering walks before they turn into runs!

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