Little E – 4 Weeks Old

Dear Little E,

Your four weeks old today, it feels like you have been part of our family forever. That may also be partly due to the fact that I have lost all sense of time!

You do like to keep us on our toes, but we always said you would! You like to feed little and often and have two ounces of milk every two hours. This morning you wanted one ounce every hour, you’re a girl it’s only right you change your mind.

You let us know when you want to picked up and have cuddles, it turns out the best time for cuddles is from 6pm to 9pm at night. To be honest you normally want the cuddles to start as soon as I want to eat my dinner.

You also let us know when you want to have a good look around and it’s time to sit in your bouncer. You have also enjoyed looking around our bedroom in the middle of the night and ended up taking Daddy’s side of the bed as you didn’t want to be in the moses basket.

Your brother is fascinated with you and has to give you one of his famous cuddles and touch your head at least every minute of the day. How it isn’t getting on your nerves yet is beyond me, but I’m sure you are going to get your own back when you are big enough.


I can’t wait to see how your brother and sister bond grows as you get older. 
This month has really flown by and I’m sure I will be saying the same thing in four weeks time!

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