Little E Gaining Balance

There has been a change in Little E over the past two weeks she has been working on her balance and has even started walking along the edge of the sofa. It literally happened overnight, one morning she decided to walk along the edge of the cot and that was it.

Her confidence has been slowly building along with her balance and she can now let go of her support and easily stand for a few minutes. She is even controlling her decent to the floor when she can no longer balance by herself.


She is finding this all very funny and will burst into laughter whilst standing. She is very proud of herself and it is lovely to see. She is a little monkey though and wants to be on the move all the time, but she has always been frustrated for not being as independent as she would like.

Now we wait to see she when she will decide to take those official first steps.

3 thoughts on “Little E Gaining Balance”

  1. I love the picture of Little E, she’s unsure whether to try and move off, isn’t she. She won’t be long and then you’ll have fun chasing her around – just in time I expect for the summer holidays!

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