Little E’s Summer Wardrobe Wish List From Strawberry Children

Little E was asked to create a summer wardrobe wish list from leading children’s designer brand stockist Strawberry Children’s baby boutique Liverpool. I found her choices very interesting, below are the items she picked.

Little E isn’t really a girl that wears dresses. I knew she would pick the Mim-Pi Girls Fluro Green Dress as it has a cat on it’s front.  

mim pi girls fluro green dress

After the walk, we had to school in the rain the other day I’m not surprised she picked out a raincoat. Little E likes the Billieblush Girls Fluro Pink Mac and I must admit I’m quite a fan too.

billieblush girls fluro pink mac

Little E is learning about space at school. The Lili Gaufrette Girls Pink Heart T-Shirt & Shorts set not only includes stars but also a ballerina. Two things prominent in her life at the moment.

lili gaufrette girls pink heart t-shirt
lili gaufrette girls pink heart shorts

Little E’s love of cats continued to show in her next choices. The Kenzo Girls Hawai Apricot Tiger T-Shirt clearly shows Little E’s favourite animal. Well, a wild version of a cat, the tiger. She also likes the jumper Kenzo Girls Hawai Pink Printed Sweater as it has lots of tigers in the print.

kenzo girls hawai apricot tiger t-shirt
kenzo girls hawai pink printed sweater

Little E couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the Billieblush Girls Fluro Pale Pink Swimsuit. A mix of frills and rainbows! I’m sure it’s every little girl’s dream swimsuit. I wouldn’t have minded one myself when I was young.

billieblush girls fluro pale pink swimsuit

No outfit is complete without glittery shoes. I knew Little E would pick the Billieblush Girls Glitter Pink Trainers as soon as I saw them. They are perfect for the running around that she likes to do. Having enough glitter to make them extra special shoes.

billieblush girls glitter pink trainers

I love that at four Little E is quite confident in what she likes to wear. I don’t think I was quite so determined at her age. There have been quite a few battles with what she will and won’t wear already. I love that I also knew what items she would want to choose. It does make me wonder what our fashion battles will be like when she is a teenager.

DISCLOSURE –This post is in collaboration with Strawberry Children.

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