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Me & Mine February 2016

It’s the end of the month again, and this one has come round even quicker as it ends on the 29th this year. A leap year! Our photo for this month was taken yesterday whilst we visited Thorndon Country Park to see the Gruffalo.


This month, unfortunately, has been filled with illness for us. It started off with Little E having a rash that we quickly realised was Hand, Foot and Mouth. She passed this on to us in some form or another and last Monday night our bought of illness ended with Darren being rushed up to A&E with chest pains. Thankfully the pains weren’t Darren’s heart but possibly stomach related.

For us February marks Ethan’s diagnosis anniversary. I think it was something that used to make me sad but now it is more of a milestone to see how far he has come. It was actually quite a big month for Ethan as it was filled with lots of appointments, dentist appointments and even an eye test. Ethan also started to attend an after school club, which is a big step for all of us.

Little E didn’t really get up to much due to the illness that this month brought but the children had a lovely half term together. They really enjoyed each others company and it felt easy compared to other school holidays. We did go to see Mister Maker and the Shapes Live, and both Children really enjoyed the show.

So February was a real mixed mouth for us, I’m glad to see the back of it because of the illness we encountered but at the same time there were lots of positive moments thrown in for good measure.

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