Me & Mine July 2015

This month the end of the month has crept up on me quite suddenly. We have been thrown into the summer holidays with a very busy start. Me and Darren even got to go to a birthday party without the children. So after finally starting to move away from the sofa shots, we are back there this month.


We took this photo yesterday, on our seven-year wedding anniversary, after we returned for our lunch out. Little E is teething quite badly, she has her bottom two front ones and yesterday I noticed a back one had popped up. I wasn’t expecting that!

The end of the school term brought a very busy month for us with Ethan. We attended his sports day and parents evening all in the same week. The summer holidays were welcomed but the change of routine has hit us all pretty hard.

Ethan was pretty emotional those first few days and to be honest I think he is a little bored. I just can’t keep up with his attention span, I am trying. We have already had two days out as part of operation Keep Ethan Busy, and we have got through the past few days with Nick Junior sing along and the photo booth programme on my computer. I’m hoping August will be easier for all of us.

Little E is now officially walking and she is really keeping us on our toes. On our days out she has wanted to get out of the buggy and walk. That has been quite interesting, keeping both children safe is our new tag team job.

We have lots of things planned this month to Keep Ethan Busy, I’m looking forward to it I just hope Ethan gets used to the lack of routine.

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