Me & Mine May 2016

Another late me and mine post and I’m sad to say it’s a photo taken on the sofa month!


Darren just finished his four day shift and the kids do really like to keep me on my toes. So this photo was quickly taken by nanny today in-between the errands we had to run.

This month we have had a lovely month together as a family. We went to Center Parcs for a little holiday and both children really loved it. It was lovely to see how Little E reacted to it this time as last time we visited she was only nine months old and wasn’t even mobile. She loved the swimming and really surprised us in the playground with how active she was. She also enjoyed the meals out with us, last time she cried all the way through a lunch we had.

It was a big month for Ethan as he turned six. We spent his birthday at the beach and we got him a bike. As a family we have enjoyed taking him out on his bike and getting lots of fresh air in the process. Ethan gained his confidence again at a soft play party we went too and this was also lovely to see at Center Parcs.

We took advantage of the Center Parcs crèche and treated ourselves to a spa treatment. It was nice having some time out and from the reports the children enjoyed their time away from us.

This month I have also been helping Ethan’s school with the swimming lessons they have been having. I have loved having extra time with Ethan swimming, I miss being able to do that with him.

So it has been a lovely month all round and we have only ended it with a little illness rather than being ill all through the month. Fingers crossed we are done with our illness for this year soon!

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3 thoughts on “Me & Mine May 2016”

  1. Fingers crossed for you on the illnesses front lovely! Glad you had such a lively rike.on holoday and that you manged some time for yourselves at the spa. It may bw on the sofa but I think it is a lovely shot of you all xx

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you. I do really hope we are past the illness side of things, this year has been a bit of a joke! The break was amazing, we really had a great time x

  2. Sounds like you’ve had a busy month so we’ll forgive you for the shot on the sofa ;o) I have done that many a time haha! Hope you’re all feeling better now xx

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